Being an air hostess

7 Reasons Why You Will Love Being an Air Hostess!

So, you too are thinking of becoming an air hostess or joining the cabin crew after realizing that it is one profession that will give wings to your career. Then you should know what all perks are enjoyed by the cabin crew that is a dream for many. Given here are 7 such reasons that will make you love the profession of air hostess.

1. Earn and Travel– This is probably the biggest advantage that you get when you opt for cabin crew. It is all about the fun of travel while you earn, almost a dream come true. Like you are getting paid to fly.

2. Developing Contacts- While you are on-board you will get to met people from different professions. When you are interacting with them you will develop industry specific contacts. This can help in boosting your career perspectives. Who knows that you might meet an ambassador of an international flight and you are offered employment due to your courteous behavior.

3. Crew Member Discount– When you are already in the cabin crew of an airline you get to have discounts on your personal tours. Often some airlines offer cabin crew discounts on travel and tickets to their members. Who would not love it? You will get to pay a lot less than average passenger when you plan a trip with your family.

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4. Flexible Timings– You need not worry working a boring schedule. You will never find it boring as the timings are flexible and it is way better than a regular job. It is different from the normal job routine and you will enjoy working at different hours. You can even choose the time and the frequency of your job as per the flight schedule.

5. Learning First Aid– If you know how to give a first aid, you are smarter than the average person. This is one such added advantage that you will learn with air hostess courses. This is something that you might need at any emergency hours.

6. Stay in a Five Star Hotel– Staying in five star hotels for free is a dream come true. Imagine you might get to stay in Taj or Marriot or some other five star hotel all expenses paid by the airline. Often when you travel to another place on duty, for few hours off duty you might get to stay in a high end hotel for a night or even for a day till your next flight back.

7. Every Day is Exciting– Every day is exciting as you get to meet people from different backgrounds and cultures. You will find out about what is popular in which place and even get to learn new traditions from someone from a different country.

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