7 Things That Cabin Crew Members Do without Realizing, Even When They Are off Duty

Working as a Cabin Crew is an inspiring choice. Some might say, it’s a job for a superhero.

A Cabin Crew works to ensure the comfort and welfare of the passengers on an aircraft. Their responsibilities cover a wide range, from making sure the passenger is safe in all conditions to keeping the atmosphere inside the plane positive, peaceful, and chilled-out.

Cool, right?

During training In, Cabin Crew academy courses make the job description stark clear. It’s not merely customer service in the air but also includes duties like checking emergency measures, maintaining everyone’s safety, ensuring a pleasant ride for all.

Once you enter a Cabin Crew course, you’ll realize that the constant practice makes things easier. And, as a result, you will find yourself repeating the flight attendant habits even when you are off-duty.


Habits That Stay with the Cabin Crew 

1. They Show Their Crew Discount ID Everywhere

If any Cabin Crew institute hasn’t informed you already about flight discount benefits, let us enlighten you.

Flight attendants get a discount card which is topped up with an expenditure budget for them. The card is usually allotted during layovers. Most airline companies offer this advantage to help the crew members spend their off hours between flights with ease.

However, after you’ve been in the job for long, showing the discount card becomes a habit. You may find yourself doing this in every shop, even in your hometown.

2. They Don’t Unpack Much

Flight attendants travel. Quite generously.

After you finish the Cabin Crew training and your probation period in the industry, you will regularly be on flights between cities or countries. On the days you aren’t working, you can choose to visit the city you’re in because of a layover or club a few days and go on a vacation.

Either way, you will travel. And, most airline companies offer flight benefits, like ticket discounts for the cabin crew & their families, accommodation in three, four, or five-star hotels, incentive money to spend during a layover, etc.

With such opportunities to see the world and do it in luxury without spending much, there is no point to unpacking the suitcase you’ll be packing the next day again.

3. They’re Quick at Makeup

Flawless eye make-up, French twist in the hair, straight-top bun, the right lipstick mixed in with the correct lip liner, and all of it done to perfection within a few minutes- air hostesses get so good at professional makeup after constant practice, that they can do it anytime, anywhere.

4. They Are Always Polite

Rather, they have to be polite. It’s a part of a job, and you’ll learn the same in a Cabin Crew Course, that a flight attendant must smile, be patient, respectful, and civil.

‘Thank You’, ‘For Your Safety’, ‘Have a Nice Day’, ‘’As a Reminder’, and such other phrases become the part of their regular conversations.

So, after you spend a few years in the job, don’t be surprised if you find yourself uttering ‘Thank You. Bye. Have a Lovely Day.’ to your guests after a dinner party.

5. They Recognize Places by Their Airport Codes

During training, Cabin Crew Courses make it a point to ensure a determinative test where the candidates are quizzed on the flight codes of all airports in the country.

Moreover, you’ll be traveling to many places as a Cabin Crew member. The airport codes will just slip into your conscience.

Once you begin using them and they become a part of your day-to-day lingo, you’ll use them to refer to different cities. Eventually, they’ll also slip-up in your regular, off-duty conversations, causing confusion if your conversation partner is a non-aviation person.

6. They Shop Frequently

That’s only natural.

When you have a chance to travel to places like Mumbai, Jaisalmer, London, New York, etc., to stay there on company expense in a luxurious hotel, to get pocket money for your food and drinks, the only thing you have to worry about is taking home some goodies, right?

And, when going to places as fantastic as these is a regular part of your job, you end up making the most of the layover time by buying things you need.

The result- you have all your supplies. But, most of them have been bought at places far away from your home-town.

7. And, They Get Extended Weekends

For a person who works nine to six a week, the only time to enjoy is the weekend.

But, for a flight attendant, any day can be a weekend.

As a Cabin Crew member, if the flight shift you pick has a layover of a day, that’s your time off duty. If there are no flights in your roster, you’re off duty. As long as you aren’t on-call, no flights mean a holiday for you.

So, don’t pay attention to the surprised looks people give you when you tell them you spent a Wednesday chilling on the beach in a city miles away from yours.

Despite the Quirks, Cabin Crew Members Love Their Jobs

The job of a flight attendant pays quite well at the beginner level. The wages and compensation benefits only increase as you gain more seniority.

But, the real win isn’t the money you earn.

After you complete the Cabin Crew course, this career offers stupendous growth opportunities as well as immensely attractive rewards. You can travel while you work. And, is there anything better than being paid for doing something you enjoy to its core?