Cabin Crew Courses

Advantages of being cabin crew

It is a known fact that cabin crew professionals, air hostesses or flight attendants enjoy great perks and benefits. To get an idea of the advantages they enjoy, here is a snapshot of their profession.

  • Fly Free: As part of this profession, you get to fly free all across the globe. Not just for the airline you are working for but also with other airlines.
  • Discounted family travel: Your job provides you the luxury to make your parents travel on discounted rates. Your parents sacrifice a lot for you and it is a good way to repay them.
  • Buddy passes: With some big international airlines, you are entitled to get six to eight buddy passes in one year.

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  • Health benefits: Cabin crew professionals get great health benefits. You enjoy great insurance packages.
  • Flexibility: It is one of the biggest benefits of this profession. The moment you step into school, life gets a certain routine. This job does not require you to be physically present in your office every day.
  • Choice of working hours: This job allows you to choose the number of hours you want to work. It can be extremely helpful in many situations. For instance, if you are saving for some important thing or event in life, work for over 195 hours. If you prefer living paycheck to paycheck, you can work more than 55 hours in a given month. In a similar way, you have the choice to work around your working schedule according to your financial requirements.


As evident from the given points, there are many advantages of being a cabin crew professional. The profession gives you much more than what it demands.

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