Airlines Opening Doors to Trained Professionals

Economic liberalisation and opening up of the skies have suddenly thrown open innumerable professional avenues for aviation students in India and across the world. The travel and tourism sector is thriving on the growing demand for trained manpower and the growing aspirations of students to achieve success in the sky. Vistara and Air Costa are two domestic airlines that have entered the aviation world in the recent past. This has resulted in new, exciting professional avenues being opened up for Cabin Crew professionals, and hence cabin crew course.

The sudden increased demand from new players has put an added pressure on the aviation industry, which, as it is,is battling manpower crunch due to the constant requirement of trained professionals from existing airlines. These include Indigo, SpiceJet, Air India, and Jet Airways. Emirates, Etihad, Qatar, Singapore Airlines, British Airways, Lufthansa and Swiss Air are some International airlines that are looking up at India to fill vacant Cabin Crew positions in their offices worldwide.

Keeping all these facts in mind, the scope of Cabin Crew is very bright. To meet the growing demand, the scope of cabin crew training in Delhi is also getting bright.

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As per the law, most of the airlines require flight attendants for passengers’ safety. Though the main job of the Cabin Crew is to make sure that passengers are safe, they also work towards ensuring an enjoyable and comfortable ride for passengers. Approximately one hour before the plane takes off, the pilots— brief the cabin crew members on emergency procedures, including evacuation, crew coordination drill, flight’s  length, weather conditions, and all other details regarding the flight. Cabin Crew has to ensure that first-aid boxes and other emergency kits are aboard. They also have to ensure that the cabin of passenger is in order, stocked with adequate beverages and food. When passengers enter into a plane, cabin crew members have to greet them, and assist with settling down.

Cabin Crew Course in a Nutshell

  • Introduction to Aviation Industry
  • In-Flight Services
  • Roles & Responsibilities of Cabin Crew
  • Personality Development
  • First Aid & Emergencies
  • Soft Skills and Communication
  • Voice & Accent
  • Professional Grooming
  • Grievance Handling
  • Additional Practical Exposure and Training
  • Customer Service
  • Customer Relationship

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How will you benefit

  • Rewarding remuneration
  • Glamorous industry
  • Travel globally and earn for travelling
  • Free travel
  • Free vacations
  • Discounted tickets for members of family
  • Glamorous lifestyle and luxurious life
  • Get professional opportunities worldwide


What are the Job Opportunities?

  • You get to work with Domestic Airlines such as Go Air, Jet Airways, Air Costa, Air Asia, etc.
  • You get to work with International Airlines such as Etihad, Emirates, Qatar, Swiss Air, Lufthansa, British Airways, etc.


However, bear one thing in mind, there is no escape from the hard work if you want to enjoy the luxurious lifestyle of a cabin crew.

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