Why is hands-on training a mandate in tourism industry?

Travel and tourism courses are applied sciences, which mean book-learning alone does not fully suffice to becoming a well-rounded professional. It is impertinent that a fellow learner is taken to the street and learns by getting his hands dirty. Many students who enter the avenue don’t understand the mechanism on how the industry operates. SometimesRead More

A Definite Guide to Allay Your Dilemma: ‘Aviation and Tourism Management’ or ‘Travel and Tourism Management’

Most aspiring travel professionals often conflate the two distinct courses. There is a beeline between the two and it is often overlooked. Here’s the definitive guide to choosing the ideal course to fulfilling your dream to become a rockstar travel professional. Holistically speaking, tourism encapsulates aviation. Both of them overlap at most occasions. In simpleRead More


Travel is a way of life. It is about exploring diverse lifestyles and cultures. It is a beautiful journey to different places and requires very intricate planning and dedication. I was very sure from the beginning that I would make travel and tourism as my career field. However, my journey was full of lots ofRead More