Aviation become a top recruiter for women

Aviation industry becomes the top recruiter for women

Compared with countries from the (MENA) Middle East and North Africa, Dubai has employed a higher number women pilot, air hostesses, ground-staff, air-traffic controllers, booking & reservation and many others.

Unfortunately, there are about 13 countries from amongst 15, which are part of MENA region that still have a workforce majorly formed by male employees. If we look at the facts, Emirates tops the chart by employing a record-high of nearly 27,000 women, comprising of 42 percent total number of employees. It has become a head-turner after its historic move to place the youngest female pilot to fly the world’s biggest plane A380 and Emirates holds the crown for being the largest operator of world’s biggest aircraft as well.

By the same token, Etihad Airways proud fully becomes second in the line to employ over 2,850 Dubai resident women along a spectrum of roles, including an astonishing 50 female pilots and the first Dubai resident women to get on panel as a specialist aviation medical emergencies. At the moment, about 50 percent of the airline’s total employees of 13,000 are women and the airline will leave no stones unturned to even out the gender gap among its talent pool.

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Also, another highly acclaimed airline carrier has been the talk of the town because of its ground-breaking policies that challenged the existing norms. It has been titled the “world’s first female holder of multi-crew pilots.” Two years back, Dubai became the torch-bearer to lead the movement of all women operated airline carrier and company in the world.

It is apparent from examples above that women are re-shaping the industry and generating businesses. Many of women employee has change the tides in the aviation fraternity by raising the bars to a new high. Even the Chairman of Dubai Civil Aviation Authority and Chief Executive of Emirates group, Mr. HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum said “Women have played a key role in the success and development of the aviation industry in the UAE.
With the region experiencing high passenger growth, and with more airlines, aircraft and flights in service, as well as more routes being served than ever before, there has never been a better time for women to build a successful career in the aviation industry than now.”

To discuss on how to increase participation of women in aviation landscape, 3rd women in Aviation general assembly will conducted on 9th May. An attendee count of 350 is expected to participate in this event under the patronage of Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum.

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Highly thought-provoking pointers will be discussed in the conference specifically on Emirates Mars Mission contribution, UAE Astronaut Programme, Space Research Centre and other high-profile space research and exploration programme.

This all women led conference is hosted by first-ever woman Minister of Public Education, Jameela Al Muheiri. Ms. Mervat Sultan, first Arab woman to acquire a license for flight dispatchment shall be co-hosting alongside Ms. Jameela.

With new steps taken at every moment, Aviation industry becomes the top recruiter for women. However, a study conducted by International Society of Women Airline Pilots, shows that depressing figures. As per the published data, only 3% of total 130,000 pilots in the world are women. This shows a big gap and a potential area of up the number of female pilots. 12 out of 248 airlines are led by women.

How does Indian aviation fare against the worlds’?

Indian aviation is growing exponentially and has almost become the third biggest flyer of domestic passengers closely following behind China and USA. Only recently, it was announced by Civil Aviation Minister of India that there shall be urgent requirement of 1,750 aircraft in the immediate future.

Compared with the world, Indian aviation has been maintaining a far healthy gender-ratio. Although, it is not a flamboyant number, about 600 out of 5100 pilots are women. Meanwhile in China, an increasing number of airlines are hiring female pilots.

In the wake of egalitarian society, it won’t be shocker to know that Indian aviation industry becomes the top recruiter for women. Aviation provides a plethora of opportunities and a catalyzing platform for women employee. A well groomed and confident female air-hostess has the chance to travel the world and get paid to manage in-flight passengers.

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