Travel Training Institute

Becoming A Travel Professional

(A Leap That Can Change Your Life)

After finishing her college, Disha was not keen on studying further without earning. She wanted to study but simultaneously wanted to earn some money and make a career too. There are very few sectors that provide employment options to young students like Disha. Travel is one such industry where students can think of making a career after plus two or graduation.

 Ground duty staff (escorts)

Disha then enrolled herself into a six-month diploma course at a private travel institute. She got to work after course completion as a ground duty staff in a leading international carrier. Disha says she loves her profession that gave her the financial freedom. She enjoys escorting VVIPs, who fly frequently with the airline.

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Ground duty (operations)

Shivam, who too wanted to earn right after his graduation,works in the ground duty operations (commercial division). He is a customer service agent with a top airline. The other two divisions are ramp safety and security. Employees commissioned to carry out security duties perform baggage checks, while those on ramp duty looks after alignment between the seats and the number of travelers in the flight.

The two students have been largely benefited from the travel industry that gave them an opportunity to earn,which no other sector could provide. Both of them are leading independent lives, and supporting not just themselves but also their respective families. You too can be like one of them.

 Benefits of being a Travel Professional

There are many perks of being a travel professional. These include:

  • Travel globally on FAM trips
  • Global job opportunities
  • Rewarding career
  • Higher salaries
  • Unlimited scope to grow
  • Job opportunities abroad
  • Chance to work on commission
  • Start your travel company
  • Additional job opportunities for worldwide tour operations
  • Discounted family travel
  • Work in hospitality
  • Airline ground handling
  • Cruise
  • Grooming personality

So, it’s time you also realise your full potential. Search for a good travel and tourism Management course with a reputed Travel institute and give wings to your life.

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