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Benefits of having a diploma in Aviation and Tourism Management

With myriads of new job opportunities coming up in the sector, the aviation and tourism industry is soon going to reach new heights. It is a booming industry that is expected to grow tremendously in the years to come, offering abundant employment opportunities to the youth of the nation.

Are you someone looking out for a future in the aviation industry? Do you wish to know about the courses that can be pursued from an air hostess training institute, offering you a fast track entry into the aviation world? Well, you’re at the right place. Though there are many courses that can help you to get a job in the field of aviation and tourism but today, we bring to you some of the benefits of having a diploma in this field.

1.  Rewarding career with scope for unlimited remuneration growth.

Isn’t that alluring? A simple diploma in the field of Aviation and Tourism from an air hostess institute can open gates for unlimited growth opportunities. You can get a job that is not only exciting but equally rewarding as well. Other than a good salary to begin with, you also get to enjoy several other exciting benefits.

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2. Overseas job opportunities

Yes, you heard that right! A diploma in the field can even help you to grab a job opportunity, abroad! Providing chances to work as a ground staff or cabin crew with prominent airlines overseas, a diploma from a good air hostess academy is quite a hit amidst the students. What’s more, you only need to have a 12th pass qualification for that!

3. Travel Around the World and get paid for it

If you are someone who’s smitten by wanderlust, there’s nothing better than this! You get a chance to traverse all across the world and even get paid for it. The salary of a cabin crew varies somewhere between 40,000-1, 50,000 per month. Isn’t that a good amount to begin with?

4. Discounted Travel

There are many airlines that offer their employees discounted or even free tickets. Not only this, but there are places where you can even get great deals, all thanks to the profession that you are into!

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5. Get to meet new people and even celebrities onboard!

Now who doesn’t love that? If you are also the kind of person who loves to gel with people at all times, then a diploma in the field of aviation and tourism from a reputed air hostess institute is definitely the right choice for you!

Job Opportunities after completion of your course:

A diploma in aviation and tourism management provides you an opportunity to be selected as either a cabin crew or as a ground staff by prominent airlines. Not only this, it can even give you a chance to work with famed travel and hospitality companies, domestic as well as international!

Here are some of the job opportunities that you can grab after successful completion of your course:

 Air Hostess/Flight Steward
 Travel Agencies
 Tour Operator
 Hospitality
 Ground Handling
 Cruise Companies and
 Customer Services
 International Tourism Board

The benefits of diploma in aviation and tourism management are many. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is the Institute from where you can pursue the same.

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