Cabin Crew Interview

Cabin Crew: How to Prepare for the Interview!

Cracking an interview always seems a tad difficult task, no matter which profession you may choose. Cabin Crew is no different. It is quite a challenging and demanding profession. Therefore, every interviewer wants to make sure that only the best talent enters the industry.

When I went in for my interview process, I also went with some preconceived notions about the whole process. My friends who were working in the same industry had prepared me to an extent for some quick answers to the tricky questions I may have to face.

But what happened with me during the process is what every aspiring individual should expect. There were hardly one or two questions that were the same for which I had prepared. Rest all were very unique and tricky, and some plain explanatory!

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I was fortunate that I could answer, if not all, most of the questions quite to my heart’s content. Though initially there was a moment when I felt like I have lost the game, but I managed to do well. How? It is because of all the preparation I had done for my interview. I may not have been asked exactly the same questions that I had prepared for, but because of that preparation, I was well informed about the complete functioning of the cabin crew industry.

So, those of you who want to be aspirants out there, if you are nervous about the interview you have to face, here are a few tips for you to keep in mind.

1. Be confident, be original!

I know! I know! It may sound too cliché but not without a reason. Right from the moment you enter the interview room till the time you leave it, your confidence will be the first thing the interviewers will notice. Trust me, they are on that side of the table for a reason, and they have the uncanny ability to see through your sham. So, just try to be you and have full faith in your abilities.

2. Be well prepared!

Needless to say, but very important. Be the knowledgeable you, be the well-informed you when you go for the interview. Read all about the travel and tourism industry and the current affairs and the GK to brush up your knowledge. Learn the technical terms, know all about the job profile of a cabin crew, what they do, how they do, the perks of the profession and the challenged faced by them. This will present you in a good light, as it means you know what you are getting into.

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3. Let your personality shine through!

This interview is your platform to rise and shine for the life you have always dreamt of. Let your complete personality come to the forefront. Hold back on nothing, fear nothing, just let the interview board get a glimpse of your persona, your go-getting attitude, your resilience, etc. Open yourself to thousands of opportunities by just opening yourself well.

4. Brush up your communication skills!

This profession is a customer service dominated one that requires you to interact with passengers at every level. So, communication is the key to build relationships, on which this industry survives. Brush up your English-speaking skills, the fluency, the way you speak should be polite and clear. The impression you leave with your speaking ability will stand you in good lead always.

No one can exactly tell you what questions you will face during your interview, but whatever you are asked just keep the above points in mind.

There is no force on the earth that will stop you from reaching the sky and fulfilling your dreams. Have faith, work hard, and try harder. The world shall be your oyster!

Good Luck!

(Inputs by former Cabin Crew member with an international airline)

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