Can I become an Airhostess even If my complexion is Dark?

Yes! You can be an air hostess, no matter what complexion you have, which race, cast, or creed you belong to.

As long as you qualify the eligibility criteria and have language proficiency with a beautiful genuine smile, you are at par with the other contenders, who are also eyeing for an air hostess career.

Here, we would like to share with you a small story.

There was a balloon seller who used to sell gas-filled balloons. While selling, after short intervals, he used to set one balloon free, to let the nearby kids realize that he is around and approach him to buy.

One day while he was doing so, a small boy was watching him. The boy kept on watching for a while and went to him and asked if the black balloon can also fly high when set free. As the balloon seller was busy, he didn’t listen. But the boy kept on poking and asking the same.

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Finally, after some time when the balloon seller noticed him, he got surprised to see a little boy asking such a strange question. He picked the little boy in his arms and set a black balloon free to let it fly high in the sky.

He patted his back, cuddled him for a while and told him that it’s not the color but the gas inside the balloon that make it fly.

The little boy was a negro and the surrounding negativity for black complexion had made him apprehensive about all the things with black color, though the black color has nothing to do with the performance and achievement.

What is the moral of the story?

It’s time for us to move ahead overcoming these myths and mental blocks, to make our dream come true and achieve our mission.

We hope by now you would have got your answer and have got changed as a person.

What do you need to be an air hostess?

To be an air hostess, you need to be professionally trained, impeccably groomed, practically equipped with the skills required, and get updated with the aviation curriculum, rules and regulations.

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You further require working on your language proficiency, helping attitude, social behavior. You have to get your habit of helping and serving people refined, polished and sophisticated to diligently serve clients on the board with a graceful smile.

So besides air hostess qualification, you need to be trained to be a perfect fit.

How can you go for them?

We, at Skylark Institute of Travel, train you from enhancing your communication to imparting you with the required necessary skills. We are an established Air Hostess Training Institute with a proven track record of delivering results year over year.

Our decades-old-experienced trainers train you professionally and impart you with the practical skills you require. Our classrooms let you have a hands on experience exactly the way you would be required to do on flights.

Our practical teaching methodology, advanced pedagogy, and quick learning modules get you at par with others, increasing your probability of getting selected with the best of the airlines across the world.

What is the eligibility to become an Air hostess?

One has to be 12th qualified with adequate knowledge as per the prescribed curriculum, and Effective Communication proficiency to be eligible to apply for an air hostess career. So, you can be an air hostess after 12th.

How about talking to our counselors or visit our offices to have a word with our experts to kick start your dream career? Otherwise, you can also visit our website to know more about aviation, travel and tourism, and the hospitality industry.

We at Skylark Institute of Travel, love sharing information and help young aspirants get wings to fly high and lead a five-star lifestyle while pursuing a glamorous career.

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