Career in travel and tourism

Career in travel and tourism – Your Definitive Guide

The travel and tourism is exponentially growing in India and around the world. Associated businesses like Hospitality, aviation and rental are also shooting through the roof. A recently conducted study reveals a whopping 46 million opportunities shall be created by 2025.

Are you confused about your career? Do you dread the typical 9-5 job?

Do you want to get into an industry faster your friends?

Well, you’ve landed to the right page. In this recently created industry guide, you’ll know the secrets to kick-start your career. Zoom past your peers by taking the shortcut to success. You’ll never go wrong by joining the travel and tourism business. The only industry that made more careers in the last decades than any other sector, and it is guaranteed to grow more than twice in the next decade.

Moreover, a statistic presented by World travel and Tourism council guarantees that India shall gross Rs 8, 50, 000 crores by 2020 by tourism alone. This does not take into the account, Aviation and Hospitality. As per the report, tourism has boosted employment and gave way to Rs. 8.31 lakh crores of employment opportunities. Such contribution computes to about 6.3 percent of the nation’s GDP in 2015 and supported 37.315 million jobs, which is about 8.7 percent of its total employment.

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Let’s see what the avenues for a travel professional are?

Many stakeholders in the travel and tourism business are highly optimistic about the outlook and future of the industry.

Rashmi Samarvir Arora, Owner of Costa Training Institute, Mumbai says “Students have endless career opportunities in the fastest growing industry of travel.”

“Few of the career options are working in travel agencies, Customer Ground Handling (customer service) at international or domestic airports, tour operator, event manager, ticketing officer, adventure tourism expert, transport officer, holiday consultant, logistics, cruises, airlines, hotels, and tourism departments in government and private sectors” she exclaimed.

Here are roles that are available for a travel and tourism management professional.

Airlines – Ground Staff includes functions like Customer service, Booking & reservation and Traffic Assistance. Alternatively the glamorous lifestyle of In-flight attendants and stewards is one of the hottest professions available at the moment.

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Hotel is a humongous enterprise in itself. It includes a wide forte of trade like Restaurants, Bars, Cruise Lines, Resorts, Camping grounds and Inns. Roles like Operations, Front office, House Keeping, Food and Beverages, Sales and Public relations.
There is a gold-mine of opportunities waiting for your taking in Tourism department. Domains such as Tour planner/ tour guides, Information assistant, Reservation and counter staff, sales and marketing, and Interpreters. Moreover, there are avenues such as International or Domestic tourism board that promotes a destination in the host country.

Transportation is the essence of travel business. There are host of job opportunities to choose from in the rail, cruise, bus, ferry or coach.

Travel agent is another lucrative option which offers a slew of vacancies in the post of Tour guides, Sales and PR, Travel Managers, Travel counselors, Itinerary planning, Foreign exchange and destination manager.

Like stated by Ms. Rashmi Arora, the opportunities are limitless.

Why is travel and tourism a mega multi-million industry?

Let’s look at why Travel and tourism industry is so important.
Due to inflow and outflow of tourist in India, there are major earners of foreign exchange.
It provides ease of entry to businesses and entrepreneurs. Therefore, there are government departments, transnational corporation, to small and medium enterprises and one Person Company in the form of travel agent.
It encompasses traveling of every form such as leisure trips or business trips. Also there are packages for religious pilgrims.

Jobs in travel and tourism are extremely social and people-centric. Almost every day you’re expected to interact with customers and other fellow colleagues.

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Rewarding compensation and perks

The salary in the travel and tourism industry is varies from organizations, brands and roles. However, compared to other industries like Advertising, Engineering or Software management, the salaries are high. For a flight-steward who is based in a foreign country will earn pay-cheques in foreign currencies and an aspirant based in India will receive attractive salary in Indian Rupees. Similarly, there is a surge in revenue during peak seasons which inflates the income as well.

Courses in Travel and Tourism

IATA certification course is the life-blood for a travel professional who seeks to become a world-class booking & ticketing specialist. Although anyone who has flair for sniffing out economical fares and possess a grasp over geographical codes can become a reservation expert.

To do more than just survive, an IATA certification becomes a mandate. While most start-off their career without a degree, there is full-stop in their career in near future. In order to shatter the ceiling that usually hinders career progress, an international certification is necessary.

A travel and ticketing course can help you grow leaps and bounds. It puts you in the forefront of a tourism business. Jobs in the likes of Reservation & Counter staff, sales and marketing staff, Tour planner and tour guide.

If you a sports-junkie or if your soul craves adventure, diploma in travel and tourism management will catapult you into specialty adventure tour operator. From skiing at Auli or trekking at Nandadevi, the list of adventure is endless. Exploring the wild side of Western Ghats or camping at Kumaon or Garhwal mountains.

Aviation management is your business flight ticket into the world of airline and aviation. It’s a dream come true to fly around the world for a living, meeting stars, business tycoons, high-profile journalists and high-powered lawyers across the world.

In a nutshell, a course in aviation management teaches you the art of administration and management specifically for an aviation company. Course manual includes modules to make you a rock star when it comes to leadership, logistics, marketing and customer service.

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