Travel tourism diploma

Career Possibilities with Travel & Tourism Diploma

There are many career education programs available however, choosing the right one is difficult. This especially comes for Travel & Tourism courses while some offer degree in it others offer diploma courses. It is a course that offers several career opportunities. You get a chance to polish your communication skills, personality development, hands-on training on the ticketing software GDS and in-depth industry knowledge of operations.

Career Path

Learning the in-depth operations and the industry related skills, you will get ready to work in the industry. It is all about preparing you to compete in the industry and gain a lucrative career opportunity with travel, tourism, hospitality and even as ground crew. After successfully completing the course you will be able to get employment with agencies providing travel services, work as booking agents, plan itinerary, international ticketing, airport handling, tourism marketing, tourism products and much more. You will be groomed to meet the industry standards and with this you will be able to enhance your career prospects in Aviation too.

Diploma Program

A diploma program for Travel & Tourism Courses in Delhi is available for one year of industry related training on software and the operations. Each individual will be able to get knowledge on the current trend prevalent in the industry and this will help them to get employment. Training options include theory, practical, working on GDS and getting to know about world geography along with knowledge on bookings. With personality development and enhancing communication skills you will be able to work as in sales for travel department whether private or public.


Studying about various dimensions of tourism, transport, accounts BSP, accommodation/ hospitality, tourism marketing, conference handling, project presentation, GDS, airport and tours handling are the major areas of study that you will learn. These will help you prepare for numerous opportunities in travel and tourism sector.

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Career Possibilities

After completing your diploma you will be able to seek employment as travel coordinators, travel consultants, work as managers in travel and tourism industry, travel coordinators and agents. However, all this depends on your experience level and your skills. With time as you get more experience and become more efficient in handling things, you will be able to progress to a better position. The biggest advantage that you get is that you will be able to develop industry specific contacts that will help you with your career.

IATA accredited World Tour Management Course helps the students with gaining quality education. Learning from the industry experts and highly qualified people from the industry ensures that they are able to get the latest industry updates. The state-of-the-art facility ensures the students get to work on latest software and upgraded systems that are in-line with industry requirements. It is all about getting prepared and enhancing your communication skills that will get you ahead in the competition. You will be able to learn all the operations that will help you make a career in travel and tourism industry.

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