Aviation industry becomes the top recruiter for women

Compared with countries from the (MENA) Middle East and North Africa, Dubai has employed a higher number women pilot, air hostesses, ground-staff, air-traffic controllers, booking & reservation and many others. Unfortunately, there are about 13 countries from amongst 15, which are part of MENA region that still have a workforce majorly formed by male employees.Read More

Industry Forecast: India will order 1750 new aircraft over the next 20 years

To meet the rapidly increasing demand by Indian passengers and freight traffic, India will have to ramp up its aircraft availability. In order to fully achieve market equilibrium, it is predicted that India will order 1750 new aircraft over the next 20 years. Two kinds of aircraft are primarily required. 1,320 single-aisle aircraft and 430Read More

Unveiling PM Modi’s plan to rev up aviation industry in India

In its highly-acclaimed Pragati initiative, the government of India has rapidly revamped redundant organizations and accelerated the construction of pending projects. Another key initiative among the others is long-awaited airport project in Navi Mumbai. honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been headstrong on the Navi Mumbai airport project, and laid the foundation stone for thisRead More

Why is hands-on training a mandate in tourism industry?

Travel and tourism courses are applied sciences, which mean book-learning alone does not fully suffice to becoming a well-rounded professional. It is impertinent that a fellow learner is taken to the street and learns by getting his hands dirty. Many students who enter the avenue don’t understand the mechanism on how the industry operates. SometimesRead More

Air Hostess after 12th

When one sets out to weigh the career options after class XII, becoming an air hostess is one of the first choices that comes into the mind. To give shape to these dreams is now very easy. There are zillions of opportunities for all the students who have cleared their class XII. They can easilyRead More

Retiring as air hostess at 85 years

Today, we have a very inspiring story of a woman who retired from the air hostess profession in 2007 at the age of 85 years. She was number 1 in seniority.Today, for many of us, the mere thought of making a profession by serving coffee and tea and food or managing unruly passengers and pilotsRead More

Airlines Opening Doors to Trained Professionals

Economic liberalisation and opening up of the skies have suddenly thrown open innumerable professional avenues for aviation students in India and across the world. The travel and tourism sector is thriving on the growing demand for trained manpower and the growing aspirations of students to achieve success in the sky. Vistara and Air Costa areRead More