Air Hostess after 12th

When one sets out to weigh the career options after class XII, becoming an air hostess is one of the first choices that comes into the mind. To give shape to these dreams is now very easy. There are zillions of opportunities for all the students who have cleared their class XII. They can easilyRead More

Retiring as air hostess at 85 years

Today, we have a very inspiring story of a woman who retired from the air hostess profession in 2007 at the age of 85 years. She was number 1 in seniority.Today, for many of us, the mere thought of making a profession by serving coffee and tea and food or managing unruly passengers and pilotsRead More

Airlines Opening Doors to Trained Professionals

Economic liberalisation and opening up of the skies have suddenly thrown open innumerable professional avenues for aviation students in India and across the world. The travel and tourism sector is thriving on the growing demand for trained manpower and the growing aspirations of students to achieve success in the sky. Vistara and Air Costa areRead More

Flight Attendant terminology, ‘What’s your schedule like?’

“What is a cabin crew schedule like?” Flight attendants have to answer this question more often than they would love to.  The question actually sets the thought process ticking, and the usual answer may be, “ah…it is…actually…little complicated.” This is so because it may be a little tricky to explain the schedule to a common person.Read More


The professional scope of cabin crew is quite bright. Keeping in mind the challenging field, all Cabin Crew members have to undergo intense and tough training. It requires a lot of energy and enthusiasm to complete the training. Though tough, it is also fun. As a student, you will get to learn about all theRead More

What is Cabin Crew Assessment Day like?

Cabin crew assessment day is the first critical step towards a successful career as a Flight Attendant. Although complex, the Assessment Day is quite straightforward, especially if you prepare for its various stages beforehand.  Here are some great tips to help you qualify the assessment day. First things first, before we start learning about waysRead More