Fly High! Earn High!

The profession of an Air Hostess has always been considered as an elitist one in India. The flight attendant profession has been associated with impressive salary, a pleasant work day, and a glamorous lifestyle. The work profile suits more to people who are passionate about travel. All this is absolutely true. Be it a flightRead More

Ground Handling: Gateway to a great Career

Ground handling or ground handling services form that branch of aviation which maintains an aircraft, whether on ground or parked. The job of ground handling staff, also known as ground handlers, is varied and vast. They are responsible for performing various functions from technical to commercial for steady safe arrival and departure of an aircraft. What theRead More

Airport Ground Handling Interview Questions

Airport ground handling is one of the prominent job profiles that you can get after completing your course from a good Travel and Tourism Academy. These jobs are of equal prominence as the air hostess or cabin crew. It is just that most of the times, they get buried under the glamour of the airRead More

Scope of flight attendant in coming years

A flight attendant’s primary job profile is to look after the comfort and safety of people travelling in a flight. Flight Attendants are an extension of the cabin crew team. They are given special training for the aircraft they would be working in. Scope of the profession The scope of flight attendant career is quiteRead More

Lifestyle of an Air Hostess

Even though from the outside it looks that an Air Hostess’s job is very simple and easy, it is quite a serious affair for those in the business. Setting aside the “glamour and glitz” of the profession, an air hostess has to undergo long and rigorous Air Hostess Training, which includes learning everything from self-defenceRead More

Finally, My Flight Attendant Training Begins…

Come, join me in my experiences as I share my journey with you! I joined Cabin Crew course at Skylark last year in July 2016. Thus, began my learning of Aviation, Airplanes, Personality Development, Grooming, and so on. On completion of the course, I was selected by a prominent airline as an Air Hostess. MyRead More

The world is now my home

Do you dream of travelling across the globe on a tax-free salary? Himanshi did, just like you.  Sitting in the lobby of a five-star hotel, she is the picture of world famous airline glamour. Sipping her favourite mocktail, she looks out of the lobby window and tries to breathe the scenic view outside. She isRead More

Adventure in Air: What Cabin Crew Job Entails

To be a Cabin Crew is not like a typical 9-to-5 profession. Cabin Crew professionals are trained to expect a wake-up call at 4 a.m. They are also taught to expect sporadic hours, flight cancellations, delays that can nix their plans, make them work on holidays and weekends. The trade off, however, is getting to travelRead More