The Truth About Being Cabin Crew

Cabin Crew seems to be a lucrative career from the outside. If you are one of those who have decided to work as an airlines cabin crew member, you must be aware of what a cabin crew lifestyle  entails.It is imperative that you understand the finer nuances of the job you are about to enterRead More

All-women crewset new records

Aviation and women have always shared more than a cordial relationship, both in the air and on the ground. But on this year’s Women’s Day, the relationship got a new boost.Air India created history when it flew several all women crew flights from February 26 to March 8 to commemorate the International Women’s day. TheRead More

Interesting Aviation Facts You May Not Know!

There’s a world that is full of aviation and airline enthusiasts. Call it an obsession, hobby, or something in between, the number of these enthusiasts is swelling beyond borders and reaching a global high. Here are some interesting facts that you may not be aware of. 1919 World’s oldest airline, KLM was set up inRead More

Scope of Cabin Crew

Economic liberalisation and opening up of the skies have suddenly thrown open innumerable professional avenues for aviation students in India and across the world. The travel and tourism sector is thriving on the growing demand for trained manpower and the growing aspirations of students to achieve success in the sky. Vistara and Air Costa areRead More

The Glamorous Life of an Air Hostess!

The high life and the thrill of flying 30 thousand feet is what you get when you think about cabin crew or an air hostess profession. These sure are the primary focus for you to join the air hostess training academy, but do you know there are many perks and benefits as well. If youRead More

Why Make a Career in Cabin Crew?

Life of a cabin crew is exciting and full of many possibilities and for this reason many opt for air hostess courses. Every day is new and you never know who you might meet on-board. While the obvious reason is getting to fly and being paid for it, there are many other reasons that willRead More