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Delhi’s International Airport – Among top 20 busiest airports in the world

Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGIA), Delhi, experienced a record-breaking high traffic inflow last fiscal year. During the last year, an all time high of 63.5 million passengers were observed flying in and out of Delhi’s International Airport, making it among the top 20 busiest airports in the world. With this increased passenger exchange, IGIA out-ranked Changi, Incheon and Bangkok.

The airport official statistic revealed that Delhi has become the top-choice for business and leisure travelers. Due to massive traffic surge, it has emerged as the new aviation hub in South-East Asia. Correspondingly it has added 15 international carriers, 4 domestic carriers, 27 new international destinations and a jaw-dropping 32 million passengers.

Applauding the milestone, Mr. Prabhakara Rao, CEO of Delhi International Airport Ltd, said not only among top 20 busiest airports in the world but also the 7th busiest airport in Asia. Addition of contemporary destinations has spiked the passenger’s inflow and outflow. Plans are underway to turn IGIA into a state-of-art infrastructure that can accommodate more than 100 aircrafts at once and add every tier 2 countries to its list as well.

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He also said “Airlines see opportunities in Delhi airport as it has a large catchment area, while most other airports have constraints. Today Delhi airport has emerged as a new aviation hub in South-East Asia. While in 2010, transit traffic accounted for 2.3 percent of all traffic in Delhi, it rose to over 20 percent in 2017. Execution of the expansion works under the proposed Master Plan will further enhance the facilities enabling air traffic to grow at a faster pace”.

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