7 Reasons to Start a Career in Travel & Tourism Career

Travelling is an inseparable part of human nature. As people, we love to visit and explore new places, experience new regions, try new cuisines, and learn about different cultures and lifestyles. But did you know travel and tourism is one of the maximum employment generating sectors as well? And that you have opportunities lined up to explore? Yes, you read it right! Do you then plan to be a part of an industry that gives you a promising and rewarding career?

Well then, you have reached the right place. We will help you understand what you can expect when you choose to be a part of the travel and tourism industry.

travel and tourism career

You Become A Part Of One Of The Largest Industries In The World

Travel and tourism is one of the largest industries in the world. It also is one of the maximum employment generating sectors and comes with great employment opportunities. Not only will you be a part of the largest industries in the world, but you will also be a part of the sector that contributes to the global economy! Kudos to you!

Besides, the sector itself is so vast that you can pick and choose from opportunities that are lined up for you!

You Can Travel the World for Free!

Travelling and exploring the world at the sheer whim of your mind, sounds crazy, doesn't it? But that's one reason why many people choose to make a career in the industry. Each role brings with it an ample opportunity to travel regularly with you tucking in an airplane in one country and waking up to the sunrise in another country! From contemporary regions to places with rich history, you can be wherever you wish! You could also be the person who discovers new destinations and gives the world an insight into a new place to explore. Let's take a sneak peek into the options you have:

air hostess course

Whoa! That's surely something!

You Can Start Your Career After 12th

Yes, that's right, there is no special qualification that you need to complete and you can begin right after passing your Class 12th! Unlike other professions where one needs to spend years studying and then get practical exposure, Travel and Tourism Career is one where an aspirant can enroll into a Travel and Tourism Management Institute and sign up to a Travel Diploma Course and within a year you are career-ready! While qualifications are not mandatory and what is needed most is your passion and drive to enter into the most dynamic industry ever, certification and training do give you an edge over other candidates. Besides, unlike the airline industry, there is no minimum qualification requirement, neither height and weight criteria to meet.

Your Work Hours are Flexible

Gone are the days when a monotonous 9-5 brought you the paycheck! Once you launch your career in the Travel and Tourism industry you have a flexible work schedule from remote opportunities to choosing your own work schedule, you drive your progress chart.

Well, that does not mean it's all about chilling out! There is an extensive amount of hard work and dedication the job calls for. You have to be 'always on the job'. But believe us when we say this, once you are into it, the dynamism of the industry will transform you and by choice, you will 'always be on the job!"

It Will Help You Develop Your Personality!

People take up personality development classes to ace that perfect presentation and appearance! But in the Travel and Tourism industry, you develop your personality while on the job! From becoming great at networking to being someone who stays calm in all situations, to one who is polite and gracious to everyone that's going to be YOU!

Once you set foot in the industry, your soft skills and personality would grow from strength to strength not only making you a great Travel and Tourism professional but also an overall successful person in life.

You Will Make Friends Worldwide

As a part of the travel and tourism industry, you will be travelling extensively, attending conferences, participating in international seminars, overseeing exhibitions, and so much more! That's some hard work, we must say!

But what of the top-notch places you stay at and of course the people you meet. You will be earning long-lasting friends that come from different regions and cultures from across the world!

You Can Choose from Multiple Career Options!

Travel and Tourism is an extensive term in itself and is one industry that comes with countless roles to excel in. From being an administrative role of a travel agent, to a vacation planner, to hospitality staff, to tour operator, to business development executives, to ticketing agents, tour guides, to transport officer, to tourism manager; there are an array of opportunities you can pick and choose as per your aptitude! What's more, you can create a role that best fits your personality!

There you go! But let us tell you this is not it; there is so much more to a Travel and Tourism Career that a lifetime wouldn't suffice to know all about it and if YOU see yourself as a part of it, then you are simply one step away from making a career in the Travel and Tourism Industry. Wondering how? Well, it does take a professional touch to groom and train oneself and thankfully some institutes offer training courses that make you industry-ready. Let's take a quick look at it:

Courses & Certifications

Classroom Course

Eligibility Criteria:


  • Graduation / 12th Pass with good communication and personality

Course Duration

  • 10 months

Course Provider

  • Skylark Institute of Travel, New Delhi

Here you are! Get started right away with an institute that brings with it courses designed by industry experts with 35+ years of hands-on experience across the sector. At Skylark Institute of Travel, you will be in the right hands to accelerate your career graph.

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