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Eligibility for Air Hostess Training

So, you have decided to be an Air Hostess for the love of glamorous life and a well paid job. Choosing this profession is the right decision, but, do you know that there is a lot of hard work and determination to reach there.

You will need to fulfill the eligibility criteria that are mandatory for cabin crew. If you are not aware about it then, you should find out all about the eligibility that is required for domestic as well as international airlines to understand where you stand.

Following are the eligibility criteria where you will know how to become an air hostess:


This is one sector that varies according to domestic and international flight. While domestic flights have a standard set to the minimum age at 18 years, there are some international flights that demand the cabin crew to be 21 years. However, the noteworthy thing here is that there is no maximum age limit to being a flight attendant. It is all about your experience and skill that matters once you are on board.


It is essential that you meet the minimum height criteria, for females it is set to 5 ft 4 in and for males it is 5ft 7 in. For female cabin crew it is essential that they are able to reach the overhead compartment or the emergency supplies without wearing heels while standing on their toes. If this criteria is met then you are selected in the preliminary round of cabin crew.


Although there is a wide spread belief that the Air Hostess should be fair skin and as beautiful as a model, this is not so. It is all about having a pleasing personality, good skin and the individual should be presentable.

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This is yet again something that varies with different airlines. The acceptable weight for females at 5ft 4 inch is 59kgs while for males at 5ft 7in is that of 68 kgs. However, it is often seen that some international airlines allow a bit of variation in weight if the individual has a pleasing personality and they do not look overweight. However, it is judged on the basis of BMI index.

Personality Traits

It is essential to note that the individual should possess a dynamic personality. Being able to handle things, customer management, emergency procedures and working under pressure with a cool mind are the essential personality traits. It is to be noted that the duty of a flight attendant is a high-pressure job. Skillfully handling things on-flight and being able to maintain your clam are the two things that determines your efficiency. However, when you enroll for the right air hostess course the course module ensures that you go through personality development that helps a lot professionally.

Amiable Personality

If you are the one who likes to help people and make them feel comfortable in your company then you are fit for this profession. Often airlines are looking for an individual who is able to make the passengers feel at home and help them with every little thing. Being able to help them adjust to the flight environment and resolve their queries are two essential traits when you aspire to become an Air Hostess.

Communication Skills

This is yet another important eligibility criteria for becoming a flight attendant. You should be clear and precise in communicating the right message to the passengers. Often you might be asked to make announcements regarding the flight and the safety measures; these should be well communicated so that everyone is able to understand it.

Cabin crew is a dream job and the most preferred profession by youngsters, however, the best way to approach it is to seek aviation courses in Delhi. You will be able to learn a lot about it through formal training and gain the right knowledge on it that will help you in achieving your dream job.

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