Everything You Need to Know About Hospitality Industry in India: Growth, Job Prospects and More…

Hospitality Industry in India

The hospitality industry in India encapsulates many other sectors as hostels, travel, entertainment, and lifestyle. As a country progresses towards economic growth, the standard of living improves and more people take to invest in the leisure activities. To put it straight, for instance, nearly 40% of US citizens prefer to buying food outside over cooking at home. There is similar prodigy in the corresponding sectors too. For instance, in India, particularly in urban cities, people prefer dining out 2-3 times a week apart from the regular meal plans with daily delivery restaurants.

The tourism and hospitality industry in India is certainly on an upsurge there is no dearth of options after completing a diploma in Travel and Tourism Management from an institute of repute.

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Growth of Hospitality Industry in India

Over the recent years, Hospitality sector in India has progressed immensely contributing nearly 10.4% of the global GDP and is projected to grow by a further 10% in the next decade. Jobs in hospitality industry grew up to 313 million worldwide and the sector is expected to come up with 72 million jobs more.

As far as creating employment is concerned, Hospitality sector now secured the position right next to the Government sector holding a fat share of 20% of all jobs created around the globe.

Hospitality is one such sector that is unaffected by any recession or economic downfall in the developed countries as this sector continues to grow by leaps and bounds and the demand for skilled professionals cease to stop.

Taking India for example, there are a total of 104 5-star hotels in India with nearly 54,000 rooms. Believing official figures, the numbers are likely to increase exponentially as more people have started to invest in hospitality sector. All such hotels opening up in India require trained and skilled professionals to offer their services with the demand for manpower shooting increasingly. The trend is same with all the major cities across the globe and there is no indication of hospitality sector ever facing a downfall.

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Secrets Behind the Boom of Hospitality Industry

To put it straight, technological advancement is the major player behind this inadvertent growth in the hospitality sector. With an upsurge in technology and digitization of many tasks, people are now well-informed about travelling and find it much simpler to book tickets online. The growth of internet and social media have spread the word down till the common man about every service being offered and people end up making informed decisions.

It’s relatively much easier now to plan a trip or dining out since everything is available on a platter on the touch of a finger. The entire hassle free process leads to customer delight when people willingly return to spend on hospitality while technology fuelling their desire.

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While all this is happening, on the other side, the Governments of various countries have set-up game-changing initiatives to boost their tourism department, making tourism a substantial point of revenue. Whether it’s governments pitching for international sports tournaments or the multinational companies cropping up; people are travelling more and more in domestic as well as foreign land. To add to it, business meetings, sports events, or international conference; services of hospitality sector are always required in some way or the other and hence the boom.

A professional diploma in Travel and Tourism is all what is needed to equip one with the desired skills and knowledge to give a kick-start to career in travel and tourism sector.

Job Prospects in Hospitality Sector

The very nature of diversity of jobs in hospitality sector makes it a hot option with many. After completing a diploma in travel and tourism, one can start working as a Front Office Executive and progress to become a manager. Other career opportunities in hospitality sector include Event Planner, Travel Consultant, Lobby Manager (Hotels), and more. Jobs for hospitality professionals in medical and healthcare sector are also created to attend to patient’s families and support medical tourism. Law firms, Airlines, and Tech firms are also on a constant lookout for trained hospitality professionals.

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The best travel and tourism diploma in Delhi, like from Skylark Institute of Travel, will benefit you with the right exposure to make yourself a successful hospitality professional. The course will enable you to gain the industry-ready knowledge combined with the practical experience. Whether it’s helping people in drawing the travel itinerary, planning an event, wedding or a press release, or to organize a celebrity wedding; the avenues to work in hospitality sector is going to spoil you with choices.