Air Hostess Training Courses

Experiences on Flight, An Air Hostess Perspective

Dreaming of becoming an air hostess? Many do, like you, and also get to live that dream. However, sometimes, fulfillment of that dream may lead to a slight disappointment due to the difference in perception and reality. This often results due to half-baked knowledge and false promises made by air hostess academy during the course of training to aspiring individuals. Many think the profession itself is bad, which is not the case. It is simply that many students take up the profession without actually knowing what goes into it.

To give you an actual picture of the profession, we are simplifying some truths associated with the air hostess profession. These are based on the answers given by few air hostesses whom we questioned.

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Is air hostess a glamorous job?

No, it isn’t. Glamour is one small part of the whole profession. The flying part is purely hard work. You may experience jet-lag sometimes, but then who doesn’t experience it. To make up for this, you may get exciting opportunities to stay or spend your evenings in five-star hotels all over the world. You may get to see exciting and interesting places, all due to the flying associated with the profession. This is the first thing air hostess learn at the travel institutes.

Do you get lots of time off?

Yes, there are a certain number of hours that you can fly due to safety reasons. You can also choose your flying schedule, depending on your preferences. Some air hostess fly for two weeks in a given month. 

Is safety an important aspect of your training?

Yes, safety is a very crucial aspect of the training. The main responsibility is to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers first, and then of themselves.

Are you always cool and composed during emergency situation?

Most of the times, yes! You are not supposed to react to any unforeseen negative situation. However, there are times when you do get scared. Some of us do not feel like going to the emergency slides, some cannot swim and some get claustrophobia in smoke hoods. However, good training at a reputed air hostess academy in Delhi will prepare you to fight most of your fears.

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