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Explore great careers in Travel & Tourism

Do you love travelling? Do you feel that best life is the one which is lived behind the steering wheels? Do you often dream of visiting many places across globe? If the answers to most of the questions above is yes, then travel and Tourism is the right career choice for you. Even though travel and tourism field falls under the realm of unconventional choices, many Indian students are warming up to this sector.

In the last few decades, travel & tourism sector saw a major boom, thus leading to several career opportunities. The sector forecasts great opportunities for students, as it is the main source of foreign exchange in our country.

What to expect?

The travel and tourism is a service industry. Its primary objective is to offer services satisfying the clients’ demands. In this sector client is the king, and is always right. It is your prerogative to serve them on priority.

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The travel & tourism industry will always demand from you flexibility and agility. You will always have to be on your toes. You must be well aware of current rules, and documentation mandatory for travelling.

On a realistic note, it may be a slow process in the beginning to make your way up to top administrative and managerial posts. However, experience pays in the long run. Add wings to the journey you are on. Make a life from which you don’t need a vacation. 

How to get there?After completing Higher Secondary, you can opt for a short-term Travel and Tourism diploma course from a renowned academy. You will be groomed here and taught communication skills. Reputed Travel institutes also help great deal in placements. Graduation may not be mandatory but is preferable. Few international airlines seek only those who are graduates.

Work Areas for Travel Professionals

There are many kinds of jobs that you can get after completing your travel and Tourism Courses. You can work in the following areas:

  • Tourism Offices
  • Tourism Department
  • Private Sector
  • Public sector
  • International Airlines
  • Domestic Airlines
  • Reservation Desk
  • Check-in Staff at Airport
  • Airline Offices Overseas
  • Travel MNCs
  • Tour Operators
  • Tourist Guides
  • Travel Agencies

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