Flight Attendant Training Institute

Finally, My Flight Attendant Training Begins…

Come, join me in my experiences as I share my journey with you!

I joined Cabin Crew course at Skylark last year in July 2016. Thus, began my learning of Aviation, Airplanes, Personality Development, Grooming, and so on. On completion of the course, I was selected by a prominent airline as an Air Hostess. My joy knew no bounds. I was feeling at the top of the sky, literally! I was now sure I will become a successful Air Hostess.

Finally, came the first day of the training when I experienced few knots in the stomach, just like the first day in college. I felt like saying so much but was able to speak only my name at first. I was anxious and excited at the same time. It was a day of butterflies in the stomach and a sense of big achievement. Plus, the realization that there was a lot to learn. Interestingly, I sat more upright the whole day than I have ever sat in my entire life.

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As time passed on from breakfast to lunch, I was more in control. By now I was introduced to my fellow trainees and the trainer. I felt a little more relaxed and acquainted with my surroundings. The first day ended with introductions and the induction process.

I have to thank Skylark Institute for Travel for giving wings to my dream. For bringing me up to this point in life. I would not have been here had it not been the learning and grooming I received at the institute.

(More on my training in the next part of the series)

Rekha Rawat

(Skylark batch, July 2016)

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