Life of Cabin Crew

Glamour & Glitz of Flight Attendants

Flight Attendants have a dream job that many others envy. The perks of being a flight attendant are many, the first being the glamorous life of cabin crew. They get to explore life through the prism of travel. They visit different places, stay in the best hotels, eat from the best of the palettes, enjoy free travel for themselves and discounted travel for their family members. They have long but not very fixed schedules. They have the luxury to take long rests, which means they are sometimes allowed as many as five days of break. They get to live a five-star lifestyle, mingling with celebrities and people from diverse backgrounds.

A flight attendant’s job gives you so many benefits in one package. These symbolisms of Human Desire are Money, Freedom, Love for life and Glamorous Lifestyle. This profession of being a part of the cabin crew or an air hostess will give you a lot in life. You will have the abundance of all good things in life.

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A flight attendant with a leading international airlines, says, “I enjoy a lot of freedom in this job that I may not get in any other profession. I am free to travel, I am free to have off on week days or long weekends. I do work according to a 24/7 roster, including Christmas and New Year.  But we are bound by the number of hours we work. In short, it has more hits than misses.

However, there is another side to this profession. A flight attendant’s job is not just about glamour and glitz. Anybody would think that the profession merely entails dressing smart, walking the plane’s aisle with poise, speaking calmly to passengers, smiling here and there at everyone you meet, and voila, the job is done. This is not true. The profession is very demanding with its fair share of challenges. It involves extensive flight attendant training. The flight attendants also deal with erratic working hours and unruly passengers.

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