Ground Handling Job

Ground Handling: Gateway to a great Career

Ground handling or ground handling services form that branch of aviation which maintains an aircraft, whether on ground or parked. The job of ground handling staff, also known as ground handlers, is varied and vast. They are responsible for performing various functions from technical to commercial for steady safe arrival and departure of an aircraft.

What the job entails

Ground Staff are airline employees at airports who are responsible for loading and unloading freight and baggage. They are also responsible for performing several odd works such as preparing planes for their flight. Though the job to be done varies between airlines and airports, there are many tasks that are quite similar to most job profiles.

Some ground handling professionals need to inspect, store and transport luggage, some staff members are required to stock the aircraft with various beverage and food items, which are distributed once the plane takes off. Then there are some employees of the ground staff who directly interact with customers, resolving their queries and providing information concerning flight delays, etc.

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Segregation of services

There are various functions that the ground staff employees perform. These include:

Ramp Service

  • Aircraft marshaling
  • Cabin cleaning
  • AAA baggage matching
  • Cargo handling
  • Toilet servicing
  • Baggage loading
  • Cargo loading/unloading
  • Aircraft receipt/dispatch
  • Aircraft towing and pushback
  • Potable water servicing
  • Water service

Passenger Service

  • Baggage tracing/ Missing luggage (world tracer)
  • Aircraft dispatch/ receipt
  • Arrangement for Crew transport
  • Passenger check-in
  • Load control facilitation
  • Service desk
  • Special needs passenger assistance
  • VIP handling
  • Boarding gate passenger reconciliation
  • Departure control systems
  • Charter service facilitation
  • Ticketing
  • Passport control

Students who have a degree or diploma from professional aviation training institutes have a great scope ahead to make a career in the ground handling services.

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