How Digital Media has Changed the Face of Travel and Tourism Industry in India

Travel and Tourism Industry in India

Travel and Tourism Industry in India has seen a paradigm shift in the last few years with some significant factors contributing to the change. Several government initiatives have taken this industry to another level but it’s the digital media that had the maximum impact. The technology that has been changing at lightning speed and the upcoming recent trends in travel and tourism development has led to changing the face of the industry.

Introduction of digital media in travel and tourism industry hasn’t just changed its entire outlook but has also taken it on the path to significant business growth as well as leading to global tourism growth. Digital media has been proved to be a major catalyst in the growth of travel and tourism industry.

7 Ways Digital Media Changed the Face of Travel & Tourism Industry in India

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1. Information Transfer at the Click of a Button

As compared to the early times when there was no substantial and quick medium to share any information with maximum number of people across the world, emergence of digital media aka social media changed the scenario altogether. Now every recent trend in travel and tourism industry can be accessed by everyone via diverse social media tools. Not just it has made planning a trip relatively easier for people but also led to informed decision making.

2. World of Mouth aka Online Recommendations & Feedback

One of the significant changes digital media brought into travel and tourism industry is the help available online to everyone. Anonymous people put reviews and feedbacks of the airlines, hotels, and tourist places visited by them over multiple platforms where people can derive benefit from it. Additionally, hotels and large companies put up blogs on their websites to recommend places to everyone.

3. Tourism Marketing

The entire marketing game of the travel and tourism industry in India has been changed with the emergence of social media. Compared to mouth publicity being the only medium of marketing in earlier times, recent social media tools as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have given a much-needed boost to the tourism market. Travel agents and companies have started resorting to social media for endorsing their products and services to reach out to a large number of people. This, in turn, led to a momentous growth in the tourism industry.

4. Blogging

Blogs and related tools are considered the most potential tools for people to connect with millions of others on a digital platform. Every big or medium-sized travel company or destination management company now have their own blog section to promote their products and services and also feed fodder for those who love to read travel-related content.

One of the major social media effects on travel and tourism is the advent of analytics tools that help companies customize their target audience and deliver the content just the way they want. This led to a significant rise in the number of people opting for those tours just by reading the blog content.

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5. Boost in International Relations

Popular social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more have blurred the boundaries making a large number of people to reach out to one another around the globe. Not just this has led to better international relations and collaborations amongst the countries but also a notable boost in the tourism of these countries. Multiple travel companies have started to collaborate with one another to increase their customer base and enhancing overall travel experience of tourists.

6. Major Time Saver

Talking about the earlier times, people used to travel to search for good hotels and destinations quite often leading to disappointment and wastage of time. But the scenario took an upside turn with the emergence of travel and tourism apps, it has become a child’s play to search for the best restaurant, hotel, or holiday destination anywhere in the world from the comfort of your home.

7. Loyalty Programs are the Keepers

With the advent of social media tools and apps, travel agencies and companies have a customer base that are informed of the offers, discounts, or loyalty programs from time to time. These loyalty programs help retain the customer base while keeping them interested in the offerings.

Indian Travel and Tourism Industry has been immensely benefited by the emergence of digital media bridging the gap between resource seekers and providers. Travel agents can focus on effectively doing their business while customers can enjoy the best travel experience.

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