How do Flight attendants feel about their job?

Air Hostess/ Flight attendant jobs are one of those dream jobs that not only provide one with the grand opportunity of working in the most glamorous and lucrative industry but also open the gateways to a plethora of benefits, perks and a lot of great deals. One can opt from a 5-months or 10-months course from some good aviation academy of repute and international standard to don the cap and fly high in the sky. One such academy is Skylark Institute of Travel.

Here we will be exploring this career a little more and would be bringing the spotlight on how these Air Hostesses feel about their jobs. Let’s embark on the journey.

What does an Air Hostess/Flight Attendant job demands?

The Air Hostess job demands one to be responsible and cooperative in all times. The primary responsibility of the cabin crew is to ensure the safety of the passengers, crew members and the aircraft itself. They may have to act like rescue personnel, or a firefighter, or a hospitality provider, or even a nurse, or a psychologist, in case the situation arises.

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The secondary responsibility is to keep the passengers comfortable and take care of their welfare to let them at ease, like serving drinks and meals.

What are a few of the benefits this profile brings in?

Though the benefits are countless, however, we will be discussing here a few worth mentioning.

  1. Paid for travelling: People enjoy travelling and that costs to their pocket. But this is the only profile wherein one gets to travel and get paid for it also.
  2. Lucrative Packages: This career offers many fold salaries than what one can have after pursuing some other career after a similar qualification.
  3. Free Food and Stay: They are entitled to free food and stay at five-star hotels wherever they are posted.
  4. Free Air Tickets for families: They are provided with free air tickets once a year for their family. A few airlines also provide discounted air tickets throughout their lifetime for their family members.
  5. Balanced lifestyle: Their working hours are governed by international regulations, and all airlines have to abide by without making them work beyond. This provides them a well-balanced life to spend quality time with their friends, families and relatives.
  6. Flexible working hours: They have flexible working hours depending upon the requirement of the flight, which saves them from undergoing a monotonous nine to five life.
  7. Opportunity to meet celebrities and high profile people: By virtue of being in flight with the celebrities and other high profile people, they now and then keep coming in touch and get acquainted with them.
  8. Expand networking across the globe: They visit many different countries and come in touch with many people. It helps them in expanding their networking and building a rich friend-circle across the globe.
  9. Chance to visit several countries: They get an opportunity to visit many countries as a part of their job and need not invest their time and money to do so.
  10. Opportunity to learn several languages: As they regularly remain in touch with different nationalities, therefore they easily pick up several languages during the course of their job without any special effort or pursuing some exclusive course.

How do the Air Hostesses/Flight Attendants think about their job?

They are proud of their job owing to the admiration and the attention they receive throughout their career. They have to stay updated, toned, elegant, groomed and fit to stay in their job, and this attribute keeps them stay energetic, agile, beautiful and young besides providing them with a winsome demeanor.

No doubt, many times they have to undergo long flying hours, harsh environments and other stressful circumstances too, but they feel happy in being the part of this industry as the glamour, comfort, convenience and the admiration they receive outweigh the demerits of it.

Skylark Institute of travels stand committed to give its students a brighter tomorrow while delivering ethical and responsible world-class professionals. Its Air Hostess training courses include updated information, advance pedagogy, friendly classroom training and real-life exposures that transforms you for global excellence to reach new heights.

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