Travel is a way of life. It is about exploring diverse lifestyles and cultures. It is a beautiful journey to different places and requires very intricate planning and dedication. I was very sure from the beginning that I would make travel and tourism as my career field. However, my journey was full of lots of learnings and surprises. Anyone associated with the travel industry would know that the scope of iata foundation course is quite vast. How I got to know about it is an interesting and intriguing tale.Before entering the travel industry, I always used to think, “Travelling is the easiest thing to do in the world. Now after being a part of the industry, I know travelling is easy but only if you have a good travel agent or Councillor.” These small learnings go a long way in making you a better professional. For example, booking a flight ticket may be the simplest thing to do. Just go online, pick your place, and you are ready to roll. But what is important to know is that having a travel agent can actually save you money. Through his personal assistance, he may advise you on when the tickets are going to be cheap, which places to fly when, etc. You may not find such assistance with online booking. Such professionals regularly monitor prices and always know the best time to book a ticket.

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The sector’s knowledge and functioning answered all my questions and made me realise it is indeed a skill to advise clients on booking flight tickets and planning their travel.

Joining an iata training institute proved to be a blessing in disguise. I learnt so much about the industry and its functioning. I realized that what we learn in the classroom is not mere theories from text books, they are experiences, practical situations and real life scenarios that are taught to make students well versed with the Travel and Tourism Industry.

My teachers at the institute were amazing and had excellent career graphs. I learnt so much from them by just observing them working and listening to their experiences. They taught me deeper values of life too. They were my guide, my mentor and philosophers.

Another best thing to have happened at my IATA training institute is the friends I made for life. Initially, when I joined, I used to sit in the class with strangers. Today, most of them are my colleagues and 4 am friends too. My studies at the institute became my learnings.

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What does travel & tourism industry entails?

1. There are millions who work in the travel and tourism sector across the globe. The IATA Travel and tourism course provides theoretical as well as practical knowledge to beginners who then go ahead and grab top posts in the industry.

2. There are a variety of sub-courses and certifications to choose from inside the Travel and Tourism branch at IATA institute in Delhi. These are relevant for people starting new in the field or for professionals who are looking for an upgrade to their game in the field.

This sea of certifications and courses that also allow for developing your passion is something unique that the Travel and Tourism industry provides. Not many other professions have this diversity in the courses they offer and the career choice therewith. An IATA certification makes your profession a smooth sailing by removing the hiccups. Glide you way to a fulfilling career with this globally valued course.

(From the diary of a Ticketing professional)

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