How to Be an Air Hostess

If you are looking for a glamorous and successful career that takes you around the world, you have come to the right place.

In today’s world where everyone is running after success, getting a career in a promising field is important. The booming aviation industry in India has made airline jobs significantly lucrative and prosperous, especially the position of air hostesses.

Keeping up with the high demand from Indian airlines, which are on the expansion mode, there are a number of air hostess training centres in India. However, before enrolling in an institute for air hostess courses, you need to what it takes for someone to become an air hostess.

Let’s take a look at certain key personality traits that an aspirant should nurture if he or she wants to make a career as an air hostess/cabin crew.

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You must remember that the job of an air hostess is not just about grooming and customer service. An air hostess is responsible for the safety and comfort of all passengers as well as the pilot crew. Air hostesses must guide each passenger to their assigned seats and make sure all security and safety drills have been done before a flight takes off.

In case of any emergency, the cabin crew staffs are the first line of responsibility. Hence, a calm mental state, organizational skills and safety management are some of the key character principles that the aspirant should have.


As an air hostess, it’d be your responsibility to communicate with the on-ground security staff, the pilot crew, and passengers from all walks of life. Being adept in at least two main languages will ensure smooth communication between you and other staff.

It’s important to be good in reading, speaking and understanding English in case you’re looking for a career in an international airline. For a domestic airline, knowing at least one vernacular language is imperative.


As an air hostess, you’d be interacting with high-level clients and crew from around the world. You are expected to have a clean appearance according to the standards set by your employers. You should be well-groomed and know the conversational etiquettes that are common at the international airlines and services.


As the industry expands, the technology inside the aircraft and the counters at airports also upgrades. As an air hostess, you’d need to be adept in handling computers. Although you will be trained in the software in use, it’s good to have some technological knowledge.


Travel around the world as a flight attendant. Your job requires you to be up on your feet to go to the next destination with each flight. As an international airline cabin crew, you’d be flying from one country to another each day and, as a domestic airline, you’d be travelling on 3-4 different flights travelling from one end of the country to another. What’s more exciting is that your hometown may not necessarily be your base of operation. Imaging working out of a city in a different country! Pretty cool, right?

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Your quest for becoming an air hostess or cabin crew begins from the moment you start culturing all these personality traits. You should also look for admission in the best air hostess training institute in your city. A quality training centre should have access to training facilities, expert trainers, and effective study materials.

However, only the best air hostess institute in Delhi considers going the extra mile for their students and provides training from experts who have worked in the industry for over 20 years, job-oriented study material, state-of-the-art training facility, demo sessions, and interview training. So, do keep these points in mind when enrolling in an air hostess academy.

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