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How to prepare for Cabin Crew Interview Questions!

Flight attendants, also called as Cabin crew, are the employees of business flights and board commercial who are there to make sure that all the passengers in the flight are safe and comfortable.

If you wish to become a flight attendant, you will be required to clear the airlines’ interview process. For that you need to be ready with answers to questions that are usually asked during the selection process. The questions cover a plethora of topics. For the benefit of aspiring professionals, we have prepared a comprehensive list of the questions asked during the interview.

Cabin Crew Interview Questions and Answers

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Q1. What type of skillset should be expected of an airline cabin crew member?

Answer: An airline or a flight attendant should be quick in thinking. He or she should possess skills of critical thinking. The person should be intelligent and have the power to analyse any given situation. Remaining calm during any volatile situation is a big advantage. He or she should be adept in multitasking. Friendly, hospitable, welcoming, easy-to-approach individuals and helpful nature are some of the most common set of skills required. Do a bit of research on cabin crew lifestyle too.

Q2. What are your strong attributes?

Answer: There is no perfect answer to this question. There is no wrong, no right. All that is needed here is a well-spoken, sincere, and – very crucial– an accurate responseIf you find it tough to talk about yourself, preparation holds the key to the best answer.

Q3. Are you a team worker?

Answer: There can be many answers to this question, depending on your nature and the position you are applying for. For example, one can answer: I am a team worker. I love working with people as a group, but it is important that each member share the same passion and work equally hard.

These are a few of the questions that are usually asked during the interview. Lot more questions are being listed in our next blog, which will take on further on this topic of Cabin Crew Interview Questions. Stay updated!

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