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Huge budget allocation made to boost the tourism sector

Tourism sector is the spotlight once again. People from across the globe are waiting in anticipation. India is the highlight in world tourism forum for its undying commitment to reshaping its travel sector. There are lot hues and cry revolving around Indian tourism industry. Economist, Travel pundits and governmental advisory board are contemplating radical optimization of the sluggish sector.

In a major announcement at the new budget released by the government, it has made some groundbreaking policies. One such policy relates to an acute overhaul of tourism industry. As you read further, you’ll learn about some startling ideas promoted by the government and how it will help travel professionals carve a fulfilling career.

Union minister of Finance Mr. Arun Jaitley made a few historic announcements. He pointed out to the lack of adequate attention given to tourism, despite its lion-share of contribution to the GDP, it remains largely ignored.
In his speech, he brought to light statistics that failed to strike chord with economists earlier. It is still considered an ancillary business regardless of its economic support. Tourism is currently employing millions along its wide spectrum of businesses.

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Purely from an employment perspective, the sector has given job opportunities in the counts of 2.5 crore in the last fiscal year (2016-17) alone. In the next few years, about 3.1 crore jobs shall be created. This brings the sector at an employment rate of 2.1% per annum. But wait there is more? This report has not taken into account the wider contribution of the commerce through indirect and supportive role on the economy.

Government initiative has been stronger and better than before. The current UDAN policy has been a major step forward. At the moment, 56 unserved airports and 37 unserved helipads has been connected, a milestone worthy of standing ovation. This was possible because of the huge budget allocation made to boost the tourism sector.
UDAN aims to tightly strap together rural airports or airports from tier 3-4 cities. As a result of this resolution, both inbound and outbound travel has witnessed a double digit surge.

To enhance tourist experience in India, a new initiative has been presented to the public. Amrut programme, a plan that was in the pipeline for a few years now is finally unveiled. As per this programme, 10 new tourist destinations shall be developed to attract tourist from all over the world.

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For this reason, a jaw-dropping Rs. 1, 48, 528 Crore has been allocated to bring state-of-the-art facilities such as WiFi, Surveillance cameras and better digital entertainment services for passengers traveling through railways. The step has made headlines among top media houses “Huge budget allocation made to boost the tourism sector.”

Due to such a gigantic investment made in the tourism business, the impact will ripple and percolate to sibling industry such as hospitality and aviation.

Due to rapid urbanization and rise in the purchasing power of citizens of India, it is observed that leisure and entertainment business has witnessed a consistent growth year on year. All of the facts have set the ball rolling in the right direction and have started moving the needle on the languorous sector.

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It is of no surprise that tourism has been rising drastically. Governments helping hand has accelerated the growth. What would have taken decades to achieve is only a few years away. Naturally, a double digit growth rate will translate into thousands of vacancies for travel professionals.

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