IATA Foundation Course

IATA Foundation Course – Must for Aviation and Travel Industry Professionals

For anyone who is looking for carve a name in the travel industry, it is mandatory to enroll into an IATA Training Program. IATA courses are recognized worldwide and are one of most coveted course by travel professionals. It offers opportunities to become a high-powered travel professional in a travel company or an entrepreneur who blazes their own path.

In order to offer a clearly-defined direction towards success, IATA Foundation course was started by IATA. The course puts the student through a rigorous 4 months of coaching.

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Here’s all the information you need about the structure and scope of IATA Foundation course:

  1. The pre-requisite to putting your foot into the door of an IATA foundation course is minimal. A 10+12 certificate is your ticket into an IATA training institute.
  2. IATA certificate is recognized globally and offer job opportunities everywhere. For a student who is certified in India, can work locally or globally.
  3. It spans across 4 months of duration and it instills out-of-the-box thinking and builds a rock-solid foundation. An ideal IATA training institute will teach you tricks of the trade and how to quickly rise to the top by teaching crystallized travel knowledge.
  4. IATA Foundation course helps a student transform from an amateur into a sought-after travel consultant. You’ll learn the nuts and bolts of the industry. A slew of cutting-edge module offers training in customer service, ticketing, software management, advice in travel-document management and many more that makes you the go-to professional for any passenger be it Corporate or Personal client.
  5. It is wise to opt for the Best IATA training institute in Delhi in order to learn every single module envisioned under IATA foundation course and qualify the exam with flying colors.
  6. This course is ideal for any student who wishes to break into the travel industry and for any experienced professional who wishes to make a transition to travel and aviation industry. There is no age bar for interested aspirants.

Extensive learning about Geography will be a critical part of the IATA foundation course. What separates the Best IATA training institute in Delhi is training methodology involved. A module that encapsulates visual learning makes it easier to memorize and retain the geographical location. By leveraging the geographical knowledge, an IATA foundation course graduate will learn how to sell & draw an awesome travel itinerary.

Additionally, you get to understand the validity and implications of various travel documents like Visa, Passport and Travel insurance. Along with documents come the learning of industry codes and terminology.

Scope of IATA foundation course has widened over the years and it has opened doors to multiple opportunities. Many students who have graduated have become travel experts working with top travel brands. It is extremely crucial that you look for the best IATA training institute in Delhi because it is life-changing decision.  Learn from an institute that is invested in your success as much as you.

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