In Pursuit of an Esteemed Profession? How about the Travel & Tourism Industry

“Indian Tourism is filled with potential prospective to promote a faster, more inclusive, and readily sustainable growth.” Chiranjeevi

Have you ever wondered why Travel & Tourism courses in India are so sought after?

Imagine, if you will, the picture that the data & numbers paint!

This industry happens to be one of the largest economic sectors in the world. It keeps growing at a marvelous pace. It gave rise to 313 million jobs in 2017. One in every five jobs that were created in the last decade were in the Travel & Tourism sector. And, it’s expected to create over 400 million jobs by 2028.

The conclusion is only obvious: The travel & tourism industry is brimming with opportunities & is headed straight up. It’s a lauded profession, an encouraged domain, and an ever-improving source of global prosperity.

The concern of the moment, however, especially that for you and every other young aspirant interested in the Travel & Tourism domain, is to figure out how they can benefit from this set of circumstances.

Let us help!


From Unusual to Established- How Did Travel & Tourism Grow into a Widely Encouraged Profession?

Sometime during the last century, the public mindset shifted. People began appreciating the value of travelling for education, mental rejuvenation, relief from regular chaos, & exploring for the sake of adventure. Add to that the improved social situation and regulated transport systems channels, and you get a world where tourism is an affordable entity for all, the desired one for most.

A direct result of this global change can be seen in the booming tourism sector & the employment created.

Over the years, as service providers wished to focus on experiential journeys of all kinds, the need for a more skilled & focused worker arose, thus leading to the popularity of travel & tourism courses. From diplomas to bachelor degree in travel and tourism, it became a mainstream choice of profession for youngsters.

Today, the travel & tourism jobs span a large area, including direct customer service, operations, marketing, hospitality, and management.

Where Are the Jobs?

In the travel & tourism industry, the designations vary just as much as the duties. Yet, they all are a part of a similar universal set.

Once you complete your travel & tourism course after 12th, you can enter the sector as an itinerary planner, fare manager, ticketing officer, language interpreter, tour leader, foreign consultant, language interpreter, among other things. Although it depends on your skill set, you can choose to go for any subset of the travel & tourism domain, including the following.

  • Accommodation
  • Promotion
  • Transportation
  • Conferences & Conventions
  • Attraction
  • Food & Beverage services
  • Entertainment
  • Recreation
  • Arts & Culture
  • Adventure

With experience, later into your career, you will also be eligible to open a tour company of your own.


What Are the Benefits? Where Is the Allure?

The best thing to know about a career in travel & tourism sector is that it’s never going to turn into a 9-5 cubicle job. It’s going to stay dynamic, ever-changing, with the most exciting challenges years after you first joined it.

Also, there is a wide pool of prospective employers in the field which gives you the opportunity to find a combination of responsibilities & employers that suit you, fit you, and motivate you to do better.

It is a growing industry. Tourism seldom dries up, thus dramatically reducing any chances of you suffering from a lack of job security. The entry level is unimaginably easy to break into. Your minimum qualification has to be 12th(+2) or high school equivalent. And, with an industry so vast and multi-dimensional, you can rest assured that your particular skill set will find a home.

But, of all these benefits, the perks of working in the travel & tourism industry make the best impression. General bonus schemes, regular incentives, travelling the world for different projects, a share in the tips, discounts of all kinds, economic stability, global opportunities, & non-traditional hours with exciting work settings are the few among the several advantages of working in travel & tourism.

On the Path to Grabbing the Best Career Opportunities in Travel & Tourism: Courses Can Help You Immensely

The right ones, of course!

Sure, once you have acquired an established footing in this profession, a good deal of the flexibility that tourism & travel industry allows for will reward you with ample opportunities to stop and smell the roses.

But, how do you plan to build a bridge between you and all that you wish to achieve?

By choosing the right travel and tourism course after 12th. By working in tandem with the best institute for travel & tourism courses in Delhi to lay the foundation for your strong & relative skill set. By developing a transferable skill set that not only marks you as a valuable asset for the domain but also gives you the freedom to work in more than one capacity, in different roles, just as efficiently.

Skylark Can Help You Reach the Goal, One Step at a Time

At Skylark Institute of Travel, experts with professional experience come together to shape a program that prepares you technically while keeping the dynamic industry standards at the center of your learnings.

Our programs are specifically designed to guide you with learning differences and prepare you for the challenges of a career in the travel & tourism domain. Instead of merely training you to fit the norm, we equip you to emerge as a skilled & efficient talent standing above the crowd.


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