International Tourism

International tourism: Tour Guide as a profession!

In continuation with our series on professional scope of international tourism, we are providing you with information on new job profiles. This time, we have zeroed in on the job scope and benefits of being a Tour Guide. The profession offers challenging and exciting opportunities apart from a chance to earn high-income.

Tour Guide

Tour guide is a very decent profession that provides you with abundant opportunities to travel and see different places and meet new people. On becoming a tour guide, you will be leading a group of travelers on sight-seeing or educational tours to different spots or places of tourist attraction. You will be providing them with all the information related to the points of interest. You will be required to answer all their queries. It is very important for you as a tour guide to be well versed with all the historical and religious aspects of given place. A degree from a reputed aviation institute in Delhi will give you an added advantage in acquiring the requisite skills for this profession. 

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What will be your job responsibilities?

As a tourist guide, you will be required to escort clients while ensuring that everyone follows the safety rules and regulations for a peaceful travel experience. This is because the responsibility of the physical safety of your travelers will rest on your shoulders. You should also be in a position to make excellent arrangements for clients with disabilities.

You might also have to cater to some niche travel groups. In that case, you would be required to be an expert on local habitats or wildlife. You should be updated on all key information on hunting or fishing regulations. A professional travel and tourism course will make a big difference in your grooming, which will be apt for your career.

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