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Int’l tourism: No one knows it all like Travel Agents

In this article, which is a part of the continued series on international tourism, we will have a look at the professional scenario of International Travel Agents. Such agents specialize in planning a perfect travel for their clients. They need truckloads of information and knowledge on all international travel procedures, rules, regulations, air fares, airlines that run directly or indirectly, what’s the best food, weather and every other all and sundry information. In short, a one-stop destination for all avid or one-time travelers.

What Travel Agents do?

As a professional Travel Agent, you will be helping your clients in managing the vast amount of information available everywhere, be it online or through the word of mouth. You will be responsible for making reservations on your clients’ behalf for their travel needs. Apart from their travel, you will also manage their recreational, accommodation and business-related activities. As a Travel Agent, you are expected to have all the updated information and sound knowledge about their chosen places of interest. This includes everything, right from the local tourist attractions to weather conditions, to the mode of travel and the fares being charged. In short, you will be your clients’ physical ready-to-go personal google master.

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It pays a lot to have some basic airfare and ticketing knowledge. As an International Travel Agent, you will also be helping your clients in securing passports, visas, vaccinations, and any other travel-related documents needed to travel internationally. You should be a vast information source bank wherein you know about the specific requirements of any country or place that your clients wish to travel. You should be well aware of all the rules and any changes in them happening frequently, including currency exchange rates and travel advisories. A right course from a 0 will pave way for better understanding of the profession.

Specialized International Agents 

You may choose to specialize in one particular domain of international travel, in one respective country or may be a group of countries. You may also decide if you want to specialize in one single segment of travel. For instance, you may choose to work only in the solo client segment of 35 years of age, or senior citizen travel clients. You may also define your niche markets or restrict the form of travel, such as only cruise, or railway travel. As per estimated projects, Travel agents in international tourism earned approx. median salaries of $34,989 in year 2015 (Source BLS).

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