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Working As a Flight Attendant- The Real Benefits

To be a Cabin Crew is not like a typical 9-to-5 profession. Cabin Crew professionals are trained to expect a wake-up call at 4 a.m. They are also taught to expect sporadic hours, flight cancellations, delays that can nix their plans, make them work on holidays and weekends. The trade off, however, is getting to travel the globe and not taking any of the work home.

Work Scheduling

Those working as Cabin Crew share their scheduling options as part of the “bidding” procedure. More the seniority level, more is the choice they have to determine the routes they want to fly and the number of days they want to have an off. Those who join fresh, get six monthly “A days”, based on your airlines. Or, more elaborately, you may be assigned the days when you are to be on-call, near or at the airport. For those who travel to the workplace (many cabin crew stay in places far away from where they are based), it may mean travelling standby from the place of their residence to the base. It may also entail waiting for a call to work on a flight. To give your best, secure Air Hostess admission in a professional institute and enjoy an added advantage.


To work as a Flight Attendant is a challenging and exciting experience. Apart from jetting off to exotic places across the globe, the profession demands high degree of specialization and responsibility towards ensuring the comfort and safety of passengers as per the industry regulations.

Why Diploma Courses?

To ensure that you are well trained for such a challenging profession, it is an ideal choice to pursue short-term diploma courses. Such courses, especially the IATA certificate courses are apt for aspiring aviation professionals who want a head start in the profession. The diploma courses prepare the students in responsibilities and skills that are expected by leading national and international airlines. Dedicated focus is given to procedures required to handle unforeseen situations and customer service on a flight. The short-term courses also provide useful tips to compete in the recruitment process.

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