Learn the Complete Travel & Tourism Course by SkyLark

The Travel and Tourism industry is one of the largest in the world, contributing to the global economy.  Right now the industry is in rapid explosion and in India alone, it’s expected to create 380 million jobs by 2027, according to the Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC). The direct and indirect economic impact of this worldwide industry means more accommodation, transportation, entertainment, attractions and urgent demand of skilled and industry-taught manpower to manage this surge.  As the tourism industry bares its plethora of work scopes and requisites, it’s the right time for the aspirant travel professionals to grab the opportunity and make a successful career in the travel sector. To make a high flying career in this lucrative sector, enroll yourself in travel and tourism courses from the best travel training institute and witness your dreams transforming into reality in just 10 months!

“The World is the Playground”

Traveling gives you immense joy. To explore a new place, new cultures, brushing with the history, romancing the folklores and capturing the architectural magnificence and natural wonders, it’s a journey that enriches one’s soul and ignites the imagination. The travel and tourism industry has the whole world as its playground and its needless to say that a successful travel professional get to explore the spectacle of this beautiful planet, without even paying for it.

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~High Paying Job~

A diploma in tour and travel management from a reputed travel institute that also offers IATA foundation course can be the turning point in your life. This course through its well-planned syllabus will provide you exposure to the industry, how it functions, grooming and instilling confidence in the students by arranging field trips, dummy classes, internships, workshops etc. The course is designed in such a manner that within 10 months you can be industry-ready, taking on the challenges with your professional prowess and knowledge.

~Ample of Career Options~

As the skies have opened up for the private players along the government carriers, the travel and tourism industry is witnessing surplus demand from all level of customers. Flying and globetrotting are not restricted to the elite and urban people. With this the need for travel and tourism professionals who can manage and coordinate the influx of customers are coming forth. Not only Tourism Department, a qualified travel professional with few years of experiences in this sector can work in airlines as air hostess, cabin crew, flight attendant, as an inbound-outbound tour operator, travel agencies, tour guide, hotels, restaurants, transport, and work as a travel entrepreneur. A short term courses in travel and tourism from a trusted travel institute can take your career to a new height and that too in a couple of month’s professional training from a panel of industry’s best.

~Fast-track Diploma~

A Diploma in aviation and tourism management and that too from the best travel and tourism courses in India is like a stepping stone for your career. As you will be trained and groomed by experienced faculties in a state-of-the-art training institute, after the completion of the course a diploma with your name written in golden ink suffices the fact that you possess the required skill-set to take on the challenges and opportunities in travel and tourism sector.

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Skylark Travel Tourism Training Academy in Delhi is the leading institute that provide     s customized courses to students who aspire to carve a niche in travel and tourism industry. From grooming students into skilled and confident professionals to take up job opportunities in travel companies and airlines, Skylark believes in providing quality education which helps the student realize their potentials, believe in their dreams and taking the first step towards it!

~Course Content~

  • Intro to Travel &Tourism
  • Introduction to IATA
  • World Geography & IATA City Codes
  • Flight Booking & PNR Creation
  • Automated/ E-Ticketing
  • Airline Ticketing and CRS
  • Air Fares and Ticketing
  • Refund and cancellation procedures
  • Itinerary Planning& Customer Service
  • Facilitation Management – Passport, Visas & Insurance
  • Land Transport – Rail, Road and Sea
  • Water Transport – Ferries & Cruises
  • Role of Travel Agency/ Tour Operators
  • Inbound/ Outbound Tour Operation
  • Transport & Accommodation
  • Role of Private &Public Sector in Tourism
  • Effective Communication skills
  • Internship Facilities
  • Ground Handling
  • Interview Skills

 ~Key Benefits~

  • Worldwide job opportunities
  • Travel across the world on FAM trips
  • Rewarding career with higher salaries with scope to grow unlimited
  • Opportunities to work as an commission agent or own a travel company
  • Additional job opportunities in hospitality sector including cruise and airline ground handling
  • Discounted travel for your family
  • Overall personality development

~Job Opportunities~

  • Department of Tourism and State Tourism Offices
  • Public and Private Sector Job Opportunities
  • Domestic and International Airlines
  • Reservation Desk
  • Airport Check-in Staff
  • Overseas Airline Offices
  • Multi-National Travel Companies
  • Travel Agencies and Tour Operators
  • Tourist Guides

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