Air Hostess Lifestyle

Lifestyle of an Air Hostess

Even though from the outside it looks that an Air Hostess’s job is very simple and easy, it is quite a serious affair for those in the business. Setting aside the “glamour and glitz” of the profession, an air hostess has to undergo long and rigorous Air Hostess Training, which includes learning everything from self-defence to passenger evacuations. An air hostess’s lifestyle no doubt is high-flying and luxurious but there are other aspects too that are not much known.

Free travel

Do you dream of traveling all over the world and never actually having to ever pay for it? Is this actually possible? Well, yes, it is possible if you are working as an Air Hostess or a Flight Attendant for a reputed international or national airline company. Be it your flight or your hotel stay, you can be rest assured it will be free for you if you are an air hostess.

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As part of this profession, the flight attendants get to visit some beautiful destinations across the globe, be it Asia, North America, Europe, Africa, and many more. In between, they get some days’ off wherein the attendants can explore different cities than the ones they are visiting. The best part is, all the travel and stays are paid. What more can you ask for? To enjoy such a lifestyle, enrol yourself in a good Air Hostess course in Delhi now.

Meeting new people

Getting to know new people on each flight is an important part of their lifestyle. They interact not only with new passengers every time they fly but also get new members in their cabin crew team. Hence, it is crucial for flight attendants to be flexible and social to match up the needs of the profession. Ankita, a former student of Skylark Institute of Travel students, and now an air hostess with an international airline, says, “It is very interesting to interact with people from diverse backgrounds. It is quite a learning experience.”

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