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Proud to be an air hostess!

Which girl does not dream of becoming an Air Hostess at some point in her life? Everyone does. But this is not what we will discuss about in this blog. There is something which is far more fulfilling than just achieving your dream. It is making your parents or your kids proud.

In some beautiful life stories, many air hostess have shared their experiences wherein they got extreme satisfaction from the fact that their profession is a matter of pride for their family members too. One air hostess working with an international airline says, “My profession of flight attendant was never an issue with my 10-year-old son. Whenever I told him, I am going to work, he would scream, Woo-hoo!”

“Won’t you miss me?” I would ask. He would laugh and say yes.

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My work time meant a lot of fun time for him with daddy. He would be away from my pruning eyes, so I assumed he is happy that I am off to work. However, the daddy and the son never admitted it. I used to often wonder, if not the fun time, why would be my son happy about me going off to work.

There was a phase when my son became fearful of be flying in the air so often. That’s when I showed him something which most people don’t know.

“Before every flight, before taking off, we perform a 30-second review wherein we practise evacuation procedures in our heads. This prepares us for any unforeseen situation mid-air. This simply means we prepare for any wrong that might happen. The 30-second review involves bracing the situation by keeping “Heads down, stay down!” says the air hostess.

I taught this review to my son who now faces any situation with grit and determination. All he says me is, “Mamma, brace, heads down, stay down.

He remembers evacuation commands by heart. Proud is the only word I have for this learning of my son. I am so proud to be an air hostess, proud of my job that taught my son to brace up for anything in life.

Such is the profession of a flight attendant!

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