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Rendezvous at New York City: Fly Beyond the Horizon!!!

“The world is a book and those who don’t travel, read only one page”

With the advancement in the Aviation and Travel Industry, people’s outlook towards travelling has changed over the years. Now people need not plan out or save a lot of money for travelling abroad. With cheaper airfares and many airlines, the globe is in everyone’s hands now. Not only for holidays but for holding events, functions, award ceremonies, planning destination weddings,  seminars, adventure tourism, sports tourism, photography tourism, wild life tourism, entertainment, road trips on bikes or jeeps……you name it….and tourism has a way with it.

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The recent news that the International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) Weekend and Awards organised a “big blockbuster” – the gala’s 18th edition -in New York this July, tinkled the mind with the thought that Aviation Industry plays a vital role in bringing the world on one platform as it has made the whole world accessible to the people. A few years back not many people could think of holding such big events abroad with so many guests travelling to a foreign destination in order to witness the function or be a part of it. Apart from this, such events are a boon to the Travel and Tourism Industry as ultimately, these bring tremendous business to the country in which these are organised and they also facilitate cultural exchange. About 40,000 Asians are estimated to have attended the IIFA Award Function in New York, including those travelling from India specially to attend this event. So, just imagine the flow of business in the Aviation and Travel Industry, in both the host as well as the countries from where people are travelling!!!

The entertainment, business, fashion and culture of the host country adds up to the excitement and entertainment of the guests. It is amazing to notice how widely the Aviation Industry has expanded itself and has brought everyone closer and every destination nearer.

Such jamborees are a big hit as they contribute enormously to both the cultural and economic life of the countries. With the perfect blend of Entertainment, Aviation, Travel and Tourism Industries… It can be said: “Sky is the limit”……….

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