Scope of Jobs in the Travel and Tourism industry

The Travel and Tourism industry has undergone rapid expansion in the last few years and is about to keep growing at the same pace for the next 20-30 years. It is a flourishing industry that is here to stay.

Tourism – last year – Travel and Tourism industry has created more than 4.2 crore jobs last year and is about to create many more this year. With more than 1 crore tourists visiting India last year, India has become one of the most sought-after destinations across the world. This growing interest of tourists in India is further inspiring the tourism industry to work on their tourist destinations, services, hospitality and travelling to draw a further higher influx of tourists in the coming years.   

Government’s Initiative – The Indian government last year relaxed its tourism regulations and policies and made them tourism friendly to let tourists conveniently and comfortably visit India as it not only creates jobs but also strengthens the economy and let people prosper. Different State Government’s besides Central Government has allocated lucrative funds to beautify the existing tourist destinations and to create the new exciting tourist spots to entice the tourists and inspire them to visit India more number of times and for longer durations.

Future Prospects – With such an exciting stage set the scope of jobs in the Travel and Tourism industry are bound to increase many folds for many coming years. Several new different profiles are about to enter the job industry. The strong economy and increased purchasing power have increased the tourist expectations in all the existing sectors of tourism – from service to hospitality, adventure to exploration, pilgrimage to leisurely experiences and many others.

Now the industry is looking forward to having trained professionals who have appropriate job knowledge and could deliver quality service. This has led tourism studies and career scope to get refined many times over the last years.

Preferred Job opportunities in Travel and Tourism Industry– Though there are more than hundreds of profiles required in tourism, we are here exploring a few of the most sought after ones.

1)     Tour Planners

2)     Holiday Consultants

3)     Destination Managers

4)     Itinerary Designers

5)     Tour operators

6)     Travel Counsellors

7)     Tourist Guides

8)     Transport Officers

9)     Booking Executives

10)  Ticketing Officers

11)  Ticketing Agents

12)  Event Managers

13)  Cruise Operators

14)  Front desk executives

15)  Hotel staff

Courses available to enter Travel and Tourism

1)      Aviation and Airline Management (10 Months after 12th)

2)      Aviation and Hospitality Management (10 Months after 12th)

3)      Certified Travel and Tourism Professional (10 Months after 12th)

4)      Certified Cabin Crew and Ground Handling Training (6 Months after Graduation)

5)      Certified Travel Agency & Airfare Management-IATA (6 Months after 12th)

From Where To Do – One should do the course from some established institution that has a proven track record of transforming dreams into reality. We, Skylark Institute of Travel is one such renowned Travel and Tourism Institute which is delivering the right professionals and successful students to the industry from the last so many years.

Our students are working with many of the travel and tour operators since the time they joined them. Besides many of them are running their own business and are regularly hiring our candidates in their offices owing to the level of knowledge we impart and the quality of education we provide.

Our faculty are industry pioneers of the travel and tourism industry, who have in the later stage of their career taken to education. Our Travel and Tourism Training curriculum and the course are designed by industry experts keeping in mind the futuristic requirements and evolving trends of the tourism industry.

Our classrooms are spacious, comfortable and are equipped with the latest gadgets to make the education simpler and learning faster. We keep calling industry leaders and experts of the tourism industry to address our students and update them with the latest happenings and near future of travel and tourism.

You could also transform your dream into a life-long prospering career by talking to our counsellors or meeting them at our office to further discuss the Scope and Careers in the Travel and Tourism industry.

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