Become A Star Cabin Crew In Just 10 Months

Skylark Institute of Travel – Become A Star Cabin Crew In Just 10 Months

Do you dream about flying for a living? Are you interested in traveling around the world?

If you’re looking for a fast-track route to get into an airline that pays six-figure income and allow you to travel the world, then look no further. Skylark Institute of travel is recognized as one of the top cabin crew academy in Delhi. With its cutting-edge teaching module, the institute is the go-to choice for an aspiring air hostess.

What makes Skylark a preferred choice for aspiring air hostesses?

There are several travel institutes in Delhi but there is no institute that is backed by 87 years of collective travel experience of the founders. The institute is built from a legacy of successful travel leaders.
Anyone who wishes to learn the nuts and bolts of aviation, it is best to learn from pioneers and founders who have learnt from the school of hard-knocks. To be mentored by a person who has already ‘made history’ is priceless.

Cutting-edge teaching technology and practices

Do you remember what you read in the newspaper yesterday? You may be thinking, why do I ask that? Well, do you remember the movie that you’ve seen last week? Well, you do, don’t you? Exactly my point! By watching animations or motion pictures you tend to learn faster and retain longer. Air hostess course module is taught through an interactive platform where student participation is necessary which makes learning an unforgettable experience.

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Moreover, Skylark takes the responsibility to make sure each student learn the module from soup to nuts. It may seem like a lofty endeavor but because of Skylark’s state-of-art classrooms, learning becomes a walk in the park. The classrooms are equipped with air-conditioners, tiered seats and projectors to make for an unmatched learning ambiance.

To bring a new level of realism into the curriculum, the classroom here has an in-flight appeal. You’ll be spellbound by the course learning because it feels as if you are flying in an actual plane.

Why is an institute’s recognition more important than you think?

An IATA training institute is one that is certified and approved by International Air Transport Association (IATA). This association is globally recognized in travel industry. When you enroll with Skylark, you can be sure to be globally accepted. IATA courses in Delhi hold equivalent recognition in US, UK, Australia or any other country on Earth. Skylark is also approved by National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) approved to impart practical training.

Industry experienced faculties

One of biggest secrets that make our student a famed cabin crew in the travel community is our individualized learning pedagogy. The student-teacher ratio is virtually 1:1, which means you can seek valuable advice that personally caters to your need.

Did you ever hear of the quote “You’re the average of five people you spend the most time with”? Good! In your journey with Skylark, you’ll have the privilege to interact with faculties who are industry-bred and pack a lot of experience under their belt. What does this mean to you as a student? You can ask question relating to real-life challenges faced by a cabin-crew while they worked at their 10, 000 ft high office.

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Take classes when you want

Although, it’s highly recommended that you take a full time course with Skylark, the part-time course is equally enriching. Students who generally take our courses are aspiring to start their career, however if you’re already working somewhere or studying a full-time course, Skylark will gracefully accommodate you.

Being one of the pioneers travel training institute, it lets you the opportunity to study in a part-time course during the weekend. Now, you can study a transformative course, in your spare-time and become an air-hostess.

Opportunities to intern; a road-full of promises

As you take one of the most recognized air hostess training courses from Skylark, you’ll also have the privilege to choose an internship opportunity from among a variety of travel and tourism brands. This acts a stepping stone for you get a glimpse of the nitty-gritty of the travel business. There’s no better way to learn than getting your feet wet.

How do you get started?

Here at Skylark, we believe every student is a genius and their talent is latent. Before you enroll for an air hostess diploma course, its best you take a tour of the classroom and speak to the counselors. You get a more realistic picture of what the course beholds and how you can get the best packages during employment.

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