The Cabin Crew Lifestyle Is More Than a Fascinating Travel Adventure

“Flying, like life, is full of possibilities. In the skies, life is better.”

It may be a slightly bizarre take on the original Francis Drake quote, but it’s true nonetheless. An adventure, especially one that makes you a lavish living, is always appreciated by those who seek unique experiences in life.

But, is that all? Does being a part of a Cabin Crew only seem beneficial because of its traveling benefits? Or is there more to the Cabin Crew lifestyle that you think?

The Novelty of Cabin Crew Life Is Nice; The Benefits Are Even Better

Right after your Cabin Crew training is over, when you step on your first flight, you’ll feel the thrill. The excitement of a workday thousands of feet up in the air, the satisfaction that the far-fetched goal of traveling the skies has come true.

It can all be quite inspiring.

But, over time, that newness will give way to familiarity. You will become well-versed in the Cabin Crew schedule. The excitement may take a back seat. The thrill will be replaced by routine.

Many students in different Cabin Crew Institutes wonder if the thrill of riding the clouds and going places will be enough to inspire them, to fuel their dedication & passion.

A reasonable concern, no doubt!

However, that’s what we’re trying to tell you. The freshness may falter at times, but it’s the real advantages of life as cabin crew that keeps you exhilarated and helps you maintain your ambition to do better and achieves more.


Glamour and Dedication in Balanced Proportions: 5 Evergreen Benefits of the Cabin Crew Life

1. Flight Benefits

As a flight attendant, your hours in the sky will be governed by the airline company you will work for.

In return, most airline companies offer one or more of the following benefits.

  • Discount on flight tickets
  • Free flights
  • Discounts for blood relatives and spouse
  • Discount cards which can be used at tourist attractions in many cities around the world

Of course, you may be asked to wait for a seat to open up in any Airbus if you avail the pass riding option. The upside of this issue is that you may get to travel in first class if they have an empty seat.

And, the overall advantage of paying only a percentage of what the ticket cost, and at times paying nothing at all, is what makes the flight benefits of a Cabin Crew quite an extraordinary perk.

2. Desirable Salary & Compensation

Since most Cabin Crew Institutes brief the students about the salaries they should expect from the industry in the beginning years as well as after they gain some experience, you may already be aware of the fact that Cabin Crew jobs pay exceedingly well.

The salary for a first-timer can range from 25k to 40K a month. A promotion as the senior flight attendant or a similar position can land you a monthly wage falling between 50K to 80K approximately. International airlines offer even better salaries.

As for additional compensation, the airline company may offer any or all of the following:

  • Accommodation in good hotels during layovers
  • Pocket-money or discount cards exclusive to airline employees
  • Insurance
  • Gratuity
  • Pension

3. Flexible and Reasonable Working Hours

A typical Cabin Crew member works anywhere between 75 to 100 hours a month. Add other factors that will consume your time to this expense, like getting ready for the shift, time spent traveling to and from the reporting airports, readying paperwork, attending briefings, etc. and you’d still get decent time left to yourself.

4. Lots of Traveling around the World

You get to travel the world, while you are on duty as well as on your own time, mostly for free. And, on top of that, you get vacations with flight discounts.

That’s a sweet deal, without a shred of a doubt.

When you work with major airlines as a Cabin Crew member, you get to travel to many places, stay at beautiful locations during layovers, enjoy a varying range of food, and come in touch with different cultures.

The hotel costs are either heavily discounted or entirely free for you. Many airline companies also offer daily allowances for their Cabin Crew during layovers.

5. An Exciting Role That Never Gets Boring

During your Cabin Crew training Course , you’ll get a glimpse of the glamour and adventure that life as a flight attendant entails.

The crazy hours, days spent in a hotel, responsibilities, and constant jet lag that most first-timers go through right after they finish the Cabin Crew Course and join an airline company fades away quickly.

But the excitement remains.

  • You’ll meet new people every day
  • You’ll work with and deal with all kinds of personalities as colleagues as well as passengers
  • Exposure to the world
  • Opportunities to grow, be smarter, stronger, abler
  • A unique skill set- you’ll learn professional grooming, emergency medical aid, survival skills, etc. in your Cabin Crew training
  • The trips, including the transportation on land and air, food, discounts, hotels, etc. will turn your overall lifestyle into a much more luxurious one

And, do you know the best thing about being a Cabin Crew member?

You have a plethora of stories to share back at home.

A Lifetime as Cabin Crew- Travelling to Exotic Places Is Just One Upside to a Career That Is Literally Windborne

Do you see, now, that there are many reasons to love this career?

Of course, a great deal about how you will advance in this particular domain depends on your attitude and ambitions. But, if you have the skill-set, like the prospects in Aviation, and understand the requirement of a careful balance between glamour and dedication, you will excel as a Cabin Crew member, we’re sure.

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