How to Become an Air Hostess

The Journey of Being an Air Hostess

To become an Air hostess is a dream come true for many young aspirants, especially girls. It is among the top high profile professions in India that many young enthusiasts want to get into. Though the students know what they want to become but what they do not know is how to become an Air Hostess. Professional skylark are the best place to answer this question.

Professional Profile & Benefits

The profession may seem easy but it is not. There are several responsibilities that you need to fulfill when inside the plane. It is not merely about looking glamorous. As an Air Hostess, you may have to greet passengers, liaison with the security staff, ensure that air travelers are in a comfortable space, you may need to guide them about seat settlement, etc. You also have to be prepared for all kind of challenges from some passengers, who may act bit difficult. Being calm and patient would be a quite an essential trait if you want to enter into this profession.
When you become an Air hostess, apart from the good remuneration part, you get a lifetime chance to meet diverse people from all over the world. In this profession, you get to travel to different locations, meeting celebrities and interesting people, all this while learning some great lessons in life.
It has been seen that usually girls prefer this career. Though with the changing times, boys have also started showing more interest in the field. Men who choose this profession are called ‘Stewards’. There is plenty of information available online in case you wonder how to become an Air Hostess.

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When you decide to become an Air Hostess, it is advisable to know the future course of growth in this profession. An Air Hostess’s professional span is limited to an average of nine to eleven years. Later on, you can shift to ground duties that entail the job of training air hostess, Check Hostess, Ground hostess. You can work at the management level too. You may also be promoted as Senior Flight Attendant and further more to the Head Attendant.

Air Hostess Training Institute in Delhi

In line with the growth in the sector, there are many air hostess institutes in Delhi that provide professional training. Skylark Institute of Travel is one of the most reputed and professional institute. It provides many professional courses in the travel and tourism trade. The courses include Aviation & Tourism Management, Cabin Crew/Flight-Attendant, IATA Foundation Course, and Travel & Tourism Management.
The four courses have been designed and prepared by the extremely experienced faculty members of this Air Hostess Training Institute in Delhi. They understand the travel and tourism trade quite well. All the courses provide you professional learning of the aviation industry. Cabin Crew/Flight-Attendant course has been designed specially to train the students to be the best in their jobs. The courses duration varies from 3 to 6 months. More longer courses run an year.

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