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The Truth About Being Cabin Crew

Cabin Crew seems to be a lucrative career from the outside. If you are one of those who have decided to work as an airlines cabin crew member, you must be aware of what a cabin crew lifestyle  entails.It is imperative that you understand the finer nuances of the job you are about to enter into.

Most of what you have read about being a cabin crew is correct. You will get to travel to different places across the world, you will get to meet celebrities in first class, and you will get to experience the glamour associated with being a stewardess or a Flying Steward. However, there is a lot more in this work area than just serving teas, coffees and meals to the airlines’ passengers. It involves lot of hard work and toil. There are many advantages of cabin crew and some hardships too. A good cabin crew training institute will prepare you for all this.

The Main Role

The main role of a cabin crew member is to ensure the passengers’ safety, and that of its crew, and aircraft. The comfort and welfare of the passenger is a priority that comes next. Even, serving meals and drinks comes second after security.

The advantage of cabin crew

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 The advantages of being a cabin crew are many. You get to experience diverse and new things, you get to meet celebrities and new people from different cultures, you get to visit many beautiful places on the globe. There are many advantages, but the two main benefits of cabin crew job are:

  1. Free short holiday: The main advantage of being a cabin crew is, you visit new places each day, and that too for free. Which other profession pays you to travel?
  2. Discounted travel for yourself and family: When you plan an ‘actual’ holiday with your family, be assured of cheap prices. This is because most of the airlines provide discounts or free tickets to their employees.
  3. You get to have a high-flying career, which is glamorous and globe-trotting. A cabin crew training institute plays a key role in ensuring good career prospects.

 The Challenges

Now, this where the actual test of your job lies. Grumpy passengers, flight delays, irritating  kids, you have to bear all this and much more when flying for eight or sometimes more. So, welcome to having a cabin crew lifestyle.

  1. Sleep deprivation, tiredness, 12-hour work time, and not to mention the jet lag in case of long flights.
  2. Annoying passengers who ignore the rules. They are an utter disaster. Plus, you will have to share the blame for everything, bad food, flight delays, the tough weather, hike in fuel prices, etc.
  3. You will have no family holidays on Diwali, Holi, Christmas, New Year. All airlines fly throughout the year.
  4. You will have to bear junk food at times because of flying.
  5. It takes a toll to say, “Welcome on board,” and “Thank you!” all through the day. And to keep smiling with a jet lag is the toughest part of cabin crew lifestyle.

So when we talk about Cabin Crew, it involves hard work and challenges as much as the rewards.

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