airhostess diploma course


Traveling is one of most thrilling experience, and is second to none when it comes to learning. As it is rightly said “The world is a book, and those who don’t travel only read one page.” The more you wander around the world, the wider is your perspective on life. An air hostess diploma course is easiest route to a high-paying travelling career. Many world-famous leaders have journeyed a lot, and this has completely re-engineered their thinking to make them qualified to inspire a nation.
You learn more by experiencing than you’ll ever learn solely from book. As you can imagine, a well-travelled person has learnt from the school of hard-knocks. An air hostess life style can act as your stepping stone to your globe-trotting desire. As a traveller, you’ll often meet situations that’ll keep you on toe and make you think on your feet. From buying a Rs. 1000 worth ticket without paying one rupee because you lost your bag, or unwillingly eating the food you dislike to satisfy your hunger or befriending a stranger to split the travel fare. This counts for essential life skills that are not taught in any business school, colleges or universities.

Skylark Institute,an air hostess academy in Delhi, gave wings to my travel aspirations, and also made me walk tall amongst my family and friends. As you read every word of this article, you’ll slowly but surely realize why traveling is the best teacher.

1. You’ll find yourself and your purpose

College life is entertaining because of the people you meet. As you travel, you do not have to wake up for college everyday or turn in an assignment within a deadline. By voyaging around the globe, you’re greeted by surprise at every turn. When you look at your reflection in a lake secluded in the nature, that’s when find your true self.

2. The present is all that matters

As a Skylark graduate, I got an opportunity to visit some of the beautiful places that I never knew existed. Every place made me realize that life is fleeting and time continues to lapse every day. Every second that you don’t enjoy is time wasted.You don’t have to wait for tomorrow to relish the joy in life. You’ll gradually realize that you don’t have to wait for Mother’s Day to appreciate your mom or wait for your birthday to celebrate. You’ll learn to stop tirelessly working daily, only to enjoy after a decade.

3. We are one irrespective of our nationality

When you fly around the world, you step out of your usual routine, and also feel strange to unfamiliarity. With time and frequency of your visit, this weirdness becomes a tempting obsession. When you pick a book instead of your phone, you’ll have a fellow traveler striking a friendly conversation. Many wayfarers find life-long friends, or love partner on their journey. Although we’re often told‘Not to talk to strangers’ but then, most of our best friends are strangers.

4. Home is the sweetest place to be

After visiting more than a dozen countries in the past year, I’ve realized that every destination is a highly rewarding experience. From sight-seeing the Eiffel tower in Paris or taking a stroll around Taj Mahal in Agra, the comforting-warmth of a home is unmatched. Also, the fact that you’ve access to amenities like Refrigerator, TV and Car at home makes you appreciative. Many of the third-world country inhabitants don’t have the necessities like we’re blessed with in our homes.

By joining Skylark Institute, for air hostess training, I have flown around the globe and lived a life I always dreamt of. As you may have guessed, the most heart-warming memories that I have collected has come from the job that I do as an air hostess.