Top 10 Reasons To Follow The Coat-Tail Of Travel Industry

Tourism industry is attracts millions of aspirants each year, and also makes each aspirant’s dream come true. One of the industries that do not show signs of ever slowing down is bound to make you a successful professional with the least amount of toil. An IATA training program has been proven to double up your speed of growth in tourism.

At this point, apart from the tremendous amount of success, there are dozen other reasons that should get you excited to join this industry. As you continue reading, you’ll know what exactly you’re missing by not working with Tourism Company.

1) Get a rolling start in your career

Almost every third person in his career starts in travel and tourism sector. Although not a pre-requisite but an IATA course can help you turbo-charge your way up the learning curve. There is no reason not to learn the tricks to trade here because of most of what you learn here is directly applicable to other businesses too. You start-off easily because of gaping vacancies, and also instantly elevate to a higher position.

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2) You’ll be served variety of choices

Not every professional has the liberty to make choices in his/her career uprise. As a travel industry expert and because of the limitless IATA course job opportunities, you can venture into completely alternate paths to success by weighting the pros and cons. By taking decisions along the way, you may choose the path of least resistance and get the highest growth.

3) Experience different light and shades of life

By traveling around the world, you get to witness the life in its truest essence. From being able to groove to urban lifestyle or lending a helping hand in rural landscape, the variety of experience is unparalleled and is second to none.

4) Meet interesting folks along the way

Not only you meet people who share the same passion as you, but also encounter people from different walks of life. It completely alters your perspective on life and shakes you from the core. You’ll rarely seep into monotony and almost never encounter identical days in your work-life.

5) Make money by traveling

This point barely scratches the surface. Although most of the aspirants enter the world of travel because of the incredible compensation it offers to professionals for globe-trotting. It should be the least of the priority, but nevertheless many have found colossal volume of fortune by traveling the world.

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6) Put a smile on people’s face (become a rockstar)

As a travel specialist, you get to design holiday packages of your customers or attend a guest at a hotel or a passenger in a flight, when you go the extra-mile to make them comfortable, you’ll definitely put a smile on their face. It is extremely contagious and you’re bound to be happy yourself when you spread happiness.

7) You can be your own boss

What’s better than building your own empire? As a graduate in travel & tourism courses, you can float your very own business. If you’re fluent in French, German, English or Chinese, you’re already one step closer to becoming an independent tourist guide. Alternatively, by completing a diploma in travel and tourism, you will graced with choices to either start a car-rental business, hotel and lodging conveniences, Restaurant or that of a Ticketing expert.

8) You acquire transferable skills

Do you think the expertise of a doctor can be used elsewhere? What about engineers who code? You’re right! These professionals are specialized to their own disadvantage. Unlike travel professionals, where the skills like-organizing, soft-skills, time management and problem solving can be applied in other businesses too. That means if you wish to enter into hospitality, you’ll be welcomed there. Alternative career options like Call center executive, translator and many other can be easily broken into with the skills acquired in the travel industry.

9) Say NO to tediously long wait-time for vacations

Unlike other white-collared employees, a travel specialist does not have to wait for a year to travel around the world. In other businesses, you’ll have to wait till your bones turn dry to take a trip. You’ll be over the moon because everyday resembles a vacation in this business.

10) Become a problem-solver (A super-hero)

In your stint with the travel business, you’ll encounter challenges in all shapes and forms. Many travel professionals report the problems they encounter resembles the thrill of playing an outdoor sport. It is an exhilarating experience that keeps you on your toe and turns you into an efficient problem solver.

Although, we’ve been told otherwise all our lives, the gratification from travel industry is unrivaled. With the changing times, travel industry is no longer a part-time hobby but a gold-mine for professionals. There never will be a better time nor a reason (apart from ones you’ve just read) to become a travel expert. Let your dreams take shape, and travel the world for a living.

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