Diploma in Travel and Tourism

Travel Industry Offers Huge Employment Opportunities

India’s travel industry is eyeing an exponential growth. It is expected to create approx. 45 million employment opportunities by the year 2025. That is why, there has been a huge demand for air cabin crew courses in the recent times. A profession in this trade can be quite adventurous and exciting. Besides that, the remuneration is good too.

The scope of travel trade in India is quite vast. However, the industry has not been able to achieve its full potential reach due to several reasons.

According to World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), India has the capacity to earn over 8.5crores by 2020 only through travel and tourism. The council said India generated Rs 8.1 lakh  crore in 2015 through tourism only. It also observed that it supported 36 million jobs, amounting to about 8.6 per cent of the total professional opportunities.

Employment opportunities

There are numerous job opportunities for aviation students in the travel sector. Students have the option to work at international or domestic airports, either as Customer Ground Handling staff (customer service) or as ticketing officer, tour operator, adventure tourism expert, event manager, transport officer, logistics, holiday consultant, airlines, cruises, hotels, or in tourism departments in private or government sectors.

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Importance of Institute of travel and tourism

The base of a good career in the travel industry begins from a reputed and professional institute. The learnings and exposure provided at the travel academy is unmatchable. Skylark institute of Travel is one such professional aviation and travel institute that plays an important role in providing a good professional start to students’ career. Its well-designed courses offer professional knowledge to students having an aspiration to make a career in this field.

The institute has the noble intention of providing trained manpower to the industry facing staff shortage. Its 1:1 student teacher ratio ensures personalized attention to all the students. The experience of its management members is an added advantage of students. There is a lot to learn from the guidance of the veterans of the industry.

With a little bit of guidance and smart thinking, it is students’ prerogative to choose the best Institute of travel and tourism course. It helps students in excelling and have a satisfying career. Once trained, there is no dearth of professional avenues.

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