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Travel & Tourism Courses are a Gateway to Exciting Career Options

Travel and tourism industry is ever growing, all thanks to people who are travel enthusiasts. With this the industry is one of the most lucrative employment sector that employs thousands of people each year. For this reason many opt for course for travel and tourism.

The minimum eligibility required to seek admission in courses related to travel and tourism is 10+2. However, do you know when you are done with the course what all awaits you on the career front. You need to know where you will be and what all can you expect after completing travel & tourism courses in Delhi.

After knowing about the minimum eligibility criteria for the course, you should know where you will be after completing it. Given here are a some exciting options in travel and tourism sector.

Diverse Jobs

The tourism sector offers diverse jobs in several areas that include planning transport, bookings, technical front to roles that include managerial posts. For this reason choosing to have career in this field would give you ample opportunities to work in different areas.


This field offers adventure as there are many profiles wherein they may have to travel extensively. Not only this gives you the adventure of travel, but you get the opportunity to learn a lot with travel. Another profile may include adventure tourism where you would indulge in adventure sports like skydiving, abseiling and other such exciting adventure sports while planning the same for the customer. Even though you might just be an adventure tour guide, but you will enjoy every aspect and it would add an excitement to your day. Having fun while working as a guide is something that is possible with the adventure sector. Often these jobs are available with international tourism that includes South America and Europe.

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Cruise Jobs

It is possible that you get a job on a cruise liner with your skills and experience. Cruise liners are known for luxury sailing. When you are on board you might get the job of managing customers and looking after their needs. You will have a busy schedule working and even enjoying the perks that comes with the job. You will develop a high social life, meet high profile people and enjoy the employee discounts offered to those working on board. However, the confinement on board and living on sea needs to be considered. Nonetheless, who would not want a life full of all the luxury that one can get that too without paying for it.

Travel Agencies

Often people enter the tourism sector to become a travel agent or to be employed by travel agencies. Seeking employment in agencies is relatively less competitive as due to travel needs many agencies are opening up. As a travel agent your job is to plan everything for your customer. It is about giving them the dream vacation that they desire; here you will need to be familiar with their every aspect. Planning the itinerary according to their personality and their likes or dislikes is what you will need to focus upon. This work calls for working on every detail and aspect of the travel. Often you may need to start at the beginning and then work your way up to a higher position. The need for maintaining your calm, skills for handling client, communication skills and working under pressure are few of the given things in the job description of a travel agent.


Aviation industry demands individuals who are able to handle client relations and this sure calls for good communication skills. Working for an airliner and focusing on the bookings working on the GDS software requires skills that you will need to polish by opting for Travel and Tourism Management Courses. The salary structure is good and you will learn a lot as you get employed with different airliners as the working style differs with domestic and international airlines.

This career offers you many exciting opportunities and for this reason it is a wise choice to opt for courses related to travel and tourism.

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