IATA Foundation Course

Value of IATA Foundation in Travel & Tourism

More than 200 million people work in the business of travel and tourism worldwide. The industry has diverse work structure, not just limited to becoming an Air Hostess. Becoming a Travel Agent is another lucrative option available to the students of this profession. For that, our IATA foundation Course is the key to acquire requisite knowledge and mandatory skills to succeed in the trade.

About IATA Courses in general, it is important to know that from entry-level basics of travel agent to senior management for tour operations or travel agencies, IATA Foundation Courses ensure that your degree is globally recognized by the travel industry.

Who is a travel agent? What is his role in the business? Travel agent is a person who assists clients in making travel arrangement for both holiday/leisure or business purposes. He/She provides quotes in selecting the best value-for-money options and making bookings for accommodation, transport, sightseeing and other travel activities that the client may intend to do.

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To perform these functions well, IATA Foundation Course is the way to go. There are many benefits of studying IATA Foundation Course to become a travel agent. Here is how the IATA certificate course will benefit you.

  • You get an in-depth knowledge of the travel and tourism industry, including the role of technology, ethicalities, importance of satisfying expectations and the roles of professionals in the trade.
  • You can improve upon your sales skills and customer service skills so as to judiciously advise clients on where and when to travel, depending on their needs.
  • You will be learning about ensuring the best flights for clients, the best tour options and accommodation. You will know how to make sure that clients fulfill all mandatory travel requirements.
  • You acquire complete knowledge of the Ticketing and Reservations. You learn various industry terms and codes, international fare pricing, products and services and e-ticketing.
  • As a professional, you get acquainted with booking and selling travel products using Global Distribution Systems (GDS) like Amadeus, Abacus, Sabre, or Galileo.
  • You can advise customers on visa and passport requirements and can also suggest them several travel insurance options.
  • You get to understand the many facilities and services that are available to air passengers during their travel.
  • You learn about planning and reserving travel itineraries with the help of standard industry coding.
  • You become an expert in selling rail travel, hotel accommodation, car rental, cruises and many pre-packaged tour products.
  • Get skilled in providing excellent customer care and building customer loyalty.